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  • A Season of Giving for The Best Dressed Man

  • Winter Waterfowl Workshop At Jamaica Bay

  • Tony Celebrates 95 at Rogers

  • The Little North Pole Comes to Life

  • A Special Visit to the Little North Pole

  • An Early Start for the Little North Pole

The season of giving has begun, and this season, a special family could really use some Christmas cheer. Local resident, Eugene Brennan, is hoping the community comes out strong to make this holiday season a special one for the Tan family through the 11th Annual Stockings for a Cause. On Thanksgiving Eve, Brennan hung the first stocking at the Park Avenue Tavern, where he is a managing partner, on the anniversary of the day Stockings for a Cause first began. Each year, several restaurants across New York City, including local restaurants and In Good Company Hospitality’s establishmen…

Riis Park’s Tom O’Neill Dominates in Lifeguard Champs

By Katie McFadden Before Rockaway’s City lifeguards held their unofficial lifeguard Olympics last week, Riis Park’s Federal Lifeguards were once again dominating in the National Lifeguard Championship, and Riis’ Tom O’Neill was declared the National Men’s Overall Winner, making him one of the top lifeguards in the country. From August 10 through 13, lifeguards from across the U.S. went to Hermosa, California to compete in the 2022 Jersey Mike’s USLA National Championship. LA County Surf Life Saving Association took home the whole championship in the A Division, but Riis Park had a strong showing, earning second place in the B Division championship, behind Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue. However, Thomas O’Neill was the Men’s Overall Points Top Finisher, with 87.75 points, putting him first above two LA County lifeguards and making him the top lifeguard in the country. The title came, miraculously after O’Neill suffered a back injury earlier this year, which he recovered from through rehabilitation. Throughout the weekend, O’Neill had some big wins, coming in first in the Rescue Race and in the Surf Race, a swim around a 400-meter course. Riis Park’s Drew Modrov came in third in this event, and Riis’ Daniel Collins came in sixth out of 20 contestants. O’Neill also came in second place in the Ironman event, a 1,400-meter course that includes a swim leg, a board leg, a ski leg and a beach sprint finish. Peter Ebert came in ninth and Daniel Collins came in eleventh in the Ironman. O’Neill also came in second place in the Run-Swim-Run event, an event in which Modrov placed fifth and Collins placed seventh. Peter Ebert came in fifth in the Open Mens Board Race and fourth in the Open Mens Surf Ski race. Riis Park also came in second place in the Taplin Relay, involving one swimmer, one board paddler, one surfskier and one runner. That Riis team consisted of Drew Modrov, Kyle Cornish, Peter Ebert and Thomas O’Neill. A team of Ebert and O’Neill came in fourth in the Open Mens Board Rescue Race, an event which left O’Neill bloody by the end.  A team of Collins, Ebert and O’Neill also came in fourth in the Mens Open Board Relay. In the women’s events, Riis Park’s Molly Finn’s team of other Mid Atlantic lifeguards came in twelfth out of 19 teams in the Open Women’s Taplin Relay. Finn also came in eighth place out of 12 teams in the Open Womens Board Rescue Race. When patrons visit Riis Park’s beach, they can know they’re under the watch of some of the best lifeguards in the country.

Wrestle Talk: Ric Flair’s Last Match Results & 1CW Pro Live

So, this past weekend we had Ric Flair’s last match ever and I have to say it got a lot of mixed reactions. Ric Flair and his partner Andrade El Idolo went on to defeat the team of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. There were several big names from the pro wrestling world in attendance. We saw The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Michelle McCool and Diamond Dallas Page who came to support Ric during his last match. Now, going back to the mixed reactions from fans, with many saying that Ric looked awful in the ring and that his strikes and chops were not the usual strikes and chops Ric Flair delivers. Now let’s stop right there. Ric Flair is 73 years old and for a man who has been in the wrestling business for over 50 years, if you expected to see Ric Flair work in the ring like he was still in his prime, well I’m sorry your expectations were just too high. I have to say I enjoyed the match. At his age, I didn’t expect too much from him, but he still performed better than most of the so-called wrestlers out there with contracts. I wish Ric Flair all the best, but I will say this, Ric, please, this has to be your last match. You put in enough time, it’s time to finally hang those boots up.

Now, the question of the week is a question that I get emailed on a weekly basis… “Where are you wrestling next?” Well, my next live appearance will be at my home 1CW Pro Wrestling on Saturday August 6, in Houston, Delaware. This will be one of 1CW Pro’s huge events, as they will hold their Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony along with an action packed line up. That night, I will be facing a huge man named Tiberius Asante who at the last show, after I won the 1CW King of the Royal Cup, attacked me and beat me down, even saying “Screw me and my cancer.” Folks, I have to say this guy is going to get beat this Saturday and he is going to pay big time! Other matches already announced are: Trevor Kage gets his shot against the 1CW Pro Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Velazquez. Miles Millennium will defend his 1CW Championship against Former WWE Superstar JTG and Chris Wylde will be defending his 1CW Workhorse Title against ROH Superstar Silas Young. This will be an awesome night of pro wrestling so take the drive down and get your tickets by calling 410-829-1114.

Thank you for the questions. Please keep sending them in to eavil183@yahoo.com. Have a great weekend and hopefully I’ll see you in Delaware!

 By Eric Jayden

From Anxiety to Ease

 Dear Enchantress,

How do you keep so positive? I see you on your online livestreams and you always seem to be happy to share and sharing happy thoughts. I can’t help but wonder, how do you this? And is it real? Will you share some tips about how you do it? Also aren’t you exhausted after doing so many LIVE videos. I’m not sure when this will get answered, but we can all use a boost of positivity, while everyone is cooped up in their houses.


Dear Curious Connie,

Thank you for your questions! No, I’m not always happy, and right now I have to toot my horn. I’m having quite a run of equanimity, not too high-highs and not to low- lows. During the winter, I usually sink into some darkness. Not this winter! Just the other day, I caught myself realizing “Oh the winter is over and I didn’t have to dig myself out of a ditch!”

So for my whole life, starting at 12, I was in a depressed, and angry, self-critical state, constantly. When I turned 32, I began attending my improv theatre classes, and I learned how to notice my emotions, and I also began noticing my energy, and how I can control it. And I am a big control freak.

In this current situation, where we are all staying put and at home, I feel like I’ve been in training for this for years. Working with emotions and self-awareness is the biggest deal. Noticing the moment, I start to feel activated. Examples of that would be my heart rate starts to speed up, or I see my patience is short and reactive. If I can notice it in the moment, then I have all the power.

I live with my dog, Cooper. With you living with your husband, now could be a time where you experiment and practice ways to chill out. In other words, practice calm. Use whatever language you think he’ll be on board with. There are so many free resources to listen to, from meditations to dance breaks to writing support. Basically, all the self-expression you find interesting or are curious about, and also how to calm yourself using your five senses. 

If you want more immediate information, you can get my book on Amazon, “From Anxiety to Ease, The Feminine Way.” It’s inspiring, and a workbook with actions to take. Sending love.


To ask your own Dear Enchantress Shane question, email: Love@enchantedembodiment.com 

Cryptocurrencies Are Coming

By Gille Ann Rabbin, Esq., CIPP/US

 A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency intended to function the way a traditional currency like the U.S. dollar does: as a medium of exchange. But unlike traditional currencies, a cryptocurrency isn’t under the governance of a bank or government.

The most popular cyptocurrency is Bitcoin, which records transactions anonymously in a public blockchain database that includes all transactions that occur, and which is maintained by a decentralized network of computers. These computers, called “miners” or “validators,” use cryptography to verify and add new transactions. The cryptography used makes the blockchain database extraordinarily difficult (although not impossible) to tamper with or modify. 

Cryptocurrencies have their problems, significantly, volatility. In January 2017, the price of a bitcoin was around $900; in December 2017, it spiked to over $16,000; in February of 2019, it was around $3,400; in August 2019, almost $13,000. In contrast, the value of the dollar rises or falls dependent upon inflation, which has been relatively tame over the past ten years.

Furthermore, transacting in cryptocurrency is relatively slow. A major credit card company can complete 24,000 transactions per second; bitcoin miners, only three to seven transactions.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies are not regulated (generally with the exception of some states’ registration or licensing requirements), making them potentially useful for money laundering or other criminality. (Bitcoin was the official currency of the Silk Road.) Regulation could tackle these issues, thereby encouraging good conduct by industry players, consumer trust, and price stability. 

Furthermore, given their volatility, cryptocurrencies present liquidity problems because investors can’t easily convert them into cash without exposure to drops in value.

Recently the media reported that Facebook plans to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra. Libra is different than other cryptocurrencies. To introduce greater price stability than is inherent in Bitcoin, Libra is designed to be a “stablecoin,” a digital currency backed by fiat currencies and securities. Also, unlike Bitcoin, Libra will be reserved, meaning that every Libra will be backed by an asset, similar to the old gold standard idea.

Additionally, Libra will use a nonpublic, “permissioned” blockchain managed by a group of “trusted parties,” a consortium called the Libra Association. This means that not everybody will be able to transact in Libra. In contrast, Bitcoin’s public blockchain ledger can be accessed by anyone with special hardware and internet access. The Libra Association will provide management and the initial funding to back Libra and maintain its blockchain infrastructure. 

Some experts have opined that, given that true cryptocurrencies “are defined by their lack of reliance on trusted intermediaries… Libra is not a cryptocurrency because of its use of a permissioned ledger and its reliance on a trusted issuer to hold and manage a fund of assets that back the currency.”

Bitcoin was designed as a peer-to-peer payment system, enabling the exchange of money without using banks. Today it is generally used as an investment. 

Unlike the more volatile Bitcoin, Libra was designed to allow Facebook users to send and receive money through its messaging services for ordinary transactions like paying utility bills, tuition, rent. 

Cryptocurrencies are still nascent. It will be fascinating to watch their development. Consumers interested in becoming investors should proceed with caution.

High Tide

***** Happy Thanksgiving. We are grateful for having loyal readers and simply awesome customers who have been so supportive this year (and every year!). We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. ***** Don’t expect any final call on the NYS Assembly race between Stacey Pheffer Amato and Tom S…

High Tide

***** Okay, it’s December 1, officially not too early to talk Santa. If you’re looking for a Santa costume, we’ve got an idea. You could run (or walk) for one. The Love Rockaway Santa Suit Run is set for Saturday, December 10. The classic, fun, tradition, (once called The Santa Shuffle) will kic…

Cooking Oils

There are many different issues to consider when it comes to choosing a cooking oil. Taste is just one factor. Fat content is another factor. Obviously, in the context of this column, how the oil may affect your health is a major factor. Last January, the Journal of the American College of Cardio…

A Season of Giving for The Best Dressed Man

The Best Dressed Man in Rockaway in doing his best to give back. During this season of giving, Owen Loof has started to dish out checks to charities from the proceeds of his book he released this summer. When Loof published his book, “The Best Dressed Man in Rockaway: The Brooklyn Prep Years,”…

Lifeguard Candidate Testing Begins

Attention potential lifeguards! NYC Parks wants you! The city is welcoming candidates to take the qualifying test sometime soon, for a chance to protect our city’s pools and beaches. Qualifying tests begin on Friday, December 2, and will be held at 10 pools around the city, returning to pre-pa…

Winter Waterfowl Workshop At Jamaica Bay

On Sunday, November 20, the American Littoral Society in partnership with NYC Audubon, Jamaica Bay – Rockaway Parks Conservancy, and the National Park Service held a waterfowl identification program at the Jamaica Bay Refuge followed by a hike around the East and West Ponds led by naturalist Don …

High Tide

***** Okay, it’s December 1, officially not too early to talk Santa. If you’re looking for a Santa costume, we’ve got an idea. You could run (or walk) for one. The Love Rockaway Santa Suit Run is set for Saturday, December 10. The classic, fun, tradition, (once called The Santa Shuffle) will kic…

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