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13 New Jetties, Massive Sea Gate, Beach Seawall

By Kevin Boyle

 Hurricane Sandy made the heartless point: things had to change to protect life and property in Rockaway.  The Army Corps of Engineers set out to make a plan.

And now the first draft of the long-awaited General Reevaluation and Environmental Impact Statement also known as the Reformulation Study has been delivered.

It’s a study that lays out the choices before us.  Do we act to protect lives, the community and the environment? 

After two summers without it, the Rockaway Sandcastle Contest is back! Get your buckets and shovels ready and put your skills to the test this Saturday, August 27.

The Rockaway Sandcastle Contest was a longtime tradition. Barbara Morris and West End Realty sponsored the contest for about 18 years. It was last held in 2013. Morris is now enjoying retirement from real estate and sandcastles, so we’re picking up on the tradition once again. I, Katie McFadden, was a longtime participant in this

 Rockaway is full of people with good hearts. A neighbor in need could really use a good kidney.

Longtime Belle Harbor resident, Frank Farrell, 69, was diagnosed with kidney failure five years ago. Along with the shocking diagnosis, he was told there was no cure. “What do you mean it can’t be cured? I was shocked,” Farrell said. “I found out that I had to undergo dialysis three days a week, spending three-and-a-half hours on the machine, but you factor in commuting and it turns into a


The draft of the Army Corps Reformulation Plan is a 240 page densely written report including detailed reasons why certain measures were not approved.  We did our best to condense it to one and half pages.  Here’s some good news we gleaned:  Thirteen new jetties are proposed.  And get this, a storm surge barrier almost 4,000 feet long to run from Riis Park to Floyd Bennett Field is also recommended.  See Page 3 for more.


Well, it could be the 18th annual sandcastle contest or the

 Lewis Del Mar may be busy touring the country and getting ready for a European tour this fall, but when all settles down, members Danny Miller and Max Harwood will return to the Rockaway Beach bungalow they call home.

The duo, originally from Washington, D.C., met in the 4th grade and have been jamming out together since they were about 10 years old. In 2013 they started Lewis Del Mar, the name coming from a combination of both their father’s names, and a love of the sea. They call their

Pennies may be the most annoying currency, but they do have one redeeming quality. Burying them in your garden will repel slugs. They receive electric shocks when touching copper and zinc.


At any given time, 87% of Americans have ice cream in their freezers.


Your short term memory can hold 7 things for 20 seconds.


Disney's adaptation was the 48th Tarzan movie to be created.


United Arab Emirates is seriously considering building a mountain to try to change its climate.