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Police from the 101 Precinct rush into ocean at Beach 41st to save man and dog from a capsized boat on Tuesday.
The man survived, the dog did not
(though CPR was performed).


 It’s like 1985 all over again. Playland is closing. Yet this time it’s the bar and restaurant that has been taken on a rollercoaster ride since it opened along with the motel above in 2013.

The hip bar and restaurant that brought a Brooklyn vibe to Rockaway Beach, Playland Tavern and Grill, is set to close on October 31. The Longtime establishment formerly known as Boggiano’s, followed by the Tap and Grill, is facing yet another change. In September 2012, Cayuga Capital Management principal

Two words:  Food Poisoning.

It’s a text from the Emerald Isle.  

When we last left off my son who will remain nameless was texting me about his mishaps and observations from abroad.  He’s in Ireland and would rather text than have a live conversation. 

I didn’t know Pepto Bismol can give you a black tongue.  I google this as he is texting me and see that it’s true. Some Irish kid saw it and said, I told you not to kiss the girls from Galway.

Google says Pepto can produce black stool too.  I


If you’re reading this on Thursday, October 20, consider this a last minute reminder to make a visit to PS 114 to hear about the Army Corps plan to protect Rockaway from future storms.  The meeting starts at 6 p.m. and reps will be there until 9.  If the plan is adequate, it should help homeowners against onerous flood insurance in the future.  In other words, if Rockaway is protected, the flood maps should reflect that.


You know what they say in Rockaway, it’s two steps forward

 Besides the increasing colorful murals on plywood going up around it, there is a lot going on on the corner of Beach 113th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. In fact, Rockaway’s Sal LoPizzo and his partners are looking to creatively transform the whole area.

Until now the corner has been dominated by a large, old rambling and largely empty three story house. Left in battered condition after Hurricane Sandy, it marked a largely lagging center point between bustling 116th Street and the up

Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature! Now if I put a comma after “been” it would read differently, something like this: Bob Dylan has been, awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Well, I ain’t looking to criticize you, beat or cheat or mistreat you, all I really want to do is baby be friends with you. And that my friends are the words of the Nobel Prize winner.

And prophetically, these times (not the Rockaway ones) are set to begin changing big time. What do I mean? Well


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