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 Now that the exhaust has begun to clear, the towing situation at the Stop & Shop parking lot is coming into focus.

As reported in the Rockaway Times and other outlets, complaints about cars being aggressively towed out of the lot have risen dramatically in the last few months. Community outrage, calls for boycotts and other measures quickly followed.

As we found out, part of the problem was finding out who actually had control of the lot, and who held the actual contract with Arverne’s

I might as well weigh in on the most important issue facing people who need stamps or a passport.  I feel your pain.  No, it’s not about getting stuck on a post office line behind three people, each of whom has a refrigerator-sized cardboard box that has to get re-taped and re-labeled.  And their English isn’t that good so there’s a lot of back and forth with the clerk.  It’s about parking. 

Maybe you got one of the four spots in front of the 11694 post office. So now you’re wondering if you

Williams, the company behind the Rockaway natural gas pipeline, has announced its grant winners from the Rockaway Community Grant Program for the fall of 2016. This time, 25 organizations received grants up to $15,000 for a total of $124,000 in grants.

The Rockaway Community Grant program is designed to benefit the environment and local communities in which Williams operates its Transco natural gas pipeline near Rockaway.  Williams has provided more than $700,000 in grants since the program


Happy Rosh Hashanah.


The much-loved, legendary football coach and fireman Pudgy Walsh died last week. He coached the FDNY and Mariners semi-pro football teams and helped get young men ready for the physical part of the FDNY exam.  He’ll be missed by many.


Build It Back continues to secure its reputation as an unmitigated disaster.  Hundreds and hundreds of people gave up on the program (generally because they were worn down by the process) yet the City is asking for $500

 A typical Monday night in Rockaway. About a dozen friends and new acquaintances gathered at the Bungalow Bar for cold drinks, good food and the main event on the big screen TV’s.

“It’s like Pacquiao vs Mayweather,” one man said. Like that title fight, two contenders took turns and traded jabs, trying to land a blow. The contest alternately earned the cheers or groans of the bar crowd.

In this case contenders were known as Trump and Clinton. The title fight was for the Presidency of the

 So the last few columns have elicited some interesting responses. I have received some supportive comments like, “wow, great articles on birds, trees and bugs.” Ok, well that was really me, ghost-responding on Facebook to the articles. Some have suggested that these articles have been “ghost written” by the mermaid, reflecting on natures’ friends to the mermaid population.  They say that the articles have lacked the biting narrative style of the Lazer. Some have even gone as far as moving the


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