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One’s a landmark in need of repair.  One’s a vacant eyesore in need of a new owner.   Things are afoot that may solve both problems.

The NY Fire Department found out that a landmark building is a nice idea – until you have to renovate.  The City and the FDNY have found the prospect of overhauling the firehouse on Beach 116th Street to be so steep that relocating might be a better option.  Right now, the preferred site is the vacant HSBC bank at 116th Street and Beach Channel Drive.

Two years, already – two years since I last paid for a newspaper.  Yep, The Rockaway Times is two years old this week.  It’s no time for a victory lap because it’s not like we have things down to a science.  We make mistakes all the time and live in fear of disaster.  The Daily News prints our newspaper and if they ever go under who knows what we’ll do.  Though we do have a backup mimeograph machine. Remember them?  It’d be kind of funny to see people smelling The Rockaway Times the way kids in

Rockaway may be younger than thought. A new study by Ecologist Eric Sanderson in the Northeastern Naturalist, shows that Rockaway once didn’t exist and may have started to form just 400 years ago.

Sanderson, a WCS Senior Conservation Ecologist, researched  about 100 historical maps of New York City, dating back as far as 1501 to investigate the changing shape of Jamaica Bay and its surrounding marshlands.  “Jamaica Bay marsh islands are of undoubted importance to the ecology of the city today


Happy Birthday to us! The Ro­ckaway Times is two years old this week.  We’re still here because of you—our readers – and the advertisers who believe in us.  Thanks!


So a few people ventured into The City last weekend to catch a play at the Irish Repertory Theater when who did they run into?  Monsignor Geraghty, the much-loved former parish pastor at St. Francis de Sales.  Not only is Monsignor much-loved but he’s well-read, too.  When he greeted the locals, he had to admonish

 I awoke Thursday morning to an email that asked, “where’s the outrage” from the publisher of this paper. Still sleepy, I tried to press through the morning fog that is my 9 a.m. retired ritual to figure out what the hell I should be outraged about today. I do not posses a Larry David type outrage mode, so I thought if the publisher is asking I better figure it out. Nothing on twitter, Facebook, or other social media, I finally turned to the source, the Rockaway Times. Perhaps he messed with

RockStock and Barrels kicked off the summer right with a successful festival on a sunny Saturday. The surf was good, the skateboarders showed off their skills and eight bands rocked the stage as dozens of vendors sold their crafts and goods. The annual event is hosted by Jimmy Dowd of St. James Clothing, Walker Hornung of Into the Whip Records and Steve and Christian Stathis of Boarders Surf Shop, along with the Department of Parks and Recreation.  This year’s bands included Bad Sign, Mammal


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