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The Rockaway Times
Towing’s Just Wrong
Dear Editor:
I am writing in response to
the High Tide item about the
cars being towed at the Stop
and Shop parking lot. It is very
understandable if they tow the
cars of people who park and go
to the beach all day but to tow
the cars of people who go to the
post office is really lousy.
I wonder how many of those
people were out running er-
rands and after going to the
post office were going to shop at
Stop and Shop or go to Ciros for
a slice or maybe hit the liquor
store for a bottle of wine.
How many moms and dads
park there and then take their
kids to Mrs. Elaine's School of
Dance? (What a great program!)
or the karate school only to walk
back across Beach Channel
Drive to food shop or buy the
kids pizza? I know I do it all the
I tried calling the number
in last weeks paper (800) 767-
7772) but it was taking too long
to get through and I have more
errands to run. Thanks for your
Mikey Balfe
Army Corps Plan
Dear Editor:
I am writing to respond to the
article about the Army Corps’
plan on erosion management.
While I agree with the dune
and jetty system plan and have
been a longtime advocate for
it, the placement of the twelve
new rock jetties is where I
strongly disagree. If the twelve
new jetties are placed every
quarter mile they can stretch
all the way to the existing jet-
ty at Beach 149th street, not to
Beach 121st street where it is
currently proposed.
By ending the new jetties
there and not Beach 149th
Street, it will leave the thinnest
part of the beach, from Beach
136th Street to Beach 146th
Street, exposed to the eastern
fetch, furthering loss of beach
and extensive dune damage.
Go look at the west side of the
jetty at Beach 90th compared
to the east side. Then check out
the lack of beach from Beach
136th to Beach 146th Streets
compared to the width of the
beach downtown, the beach
widens even more with jetties.
If the jetties are placed where
I propose, erosion would cease
up until Beach 149th and the
beach will fill-in, eliminating
the need to dredge. Let the Feds
deal with the west side, Bay 1.
If you can’t see how wide the
beach is with jetties compared
to the one without, you are ei-
ther blind, stupid or the 1 per-
center who gets the contract
to dredge the beach every four
years. Dredging only increases
erosion. It increases the slope
of the beach and forces the
waves to break on shore, not
on the sand bar, augmenting
the erosion process. Jetties will
halt that. Otherwise the taxpay-
ers will be forced again to un-
derwrite the boondoggle that
is dredging. The only thing you
can compare this with is giving
some crony a government con-
tract to dig holes and fill them
back up. Only they fill the hole
and let mother nature do the
rest. That is insane. Complete
the jetty system to Beach 149th
and send the dredge company
As for the Parks Department,
why was there no thought of
a shower and foot rinse on
every block from Beach 126th
to 149th? Talk about a gaping
blind spot. Also, why not re-
move the old wooden jetties
too? They are dangerous and
have injured people in the
past, and the metal poles put
up to warn people about the
wooden hazards can break
and impale unwitting bath-
ers. Both need to go. The
The Rockaway Theatre Company
Proudly presents
by Frederick Knott
Director- Susan Warren Corning
Assistant Director- Andrew Woodbridge
Jessica Mintzes as Susy Hendrix
Performance Dates:
September 16
, 17
, 23
& 24
at 8:00PM
Matinees: September 18
and 25
at 2PM
Due to some graphic and violent content, this play is not recommended for children
This program is supported, in part, by public funds from N.Y.C. Dept. of Cultural Affairs
and discretionary funds from the office of Councilman Eric Ulrich
The attorneys are currently members of: The New York State Bar Association’s Elderlaw,
Trust & Estates & Real Estate Sections; NAELA (National Academy of Elderlaw Attorneys)
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