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The Rockaway Times
It's back to school and time for
Con dence is not something we are born with... it is something that we learn.
Starting Soon
112-20 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Park
(Across from Stop & Shop Shopping Center)
Best Cardio
In Rockaway
Cardio Kick Boxing
Tue/Fri. 8pm,
Sunday 9am
Includes Free Uniform
Pre-K Youth,
Teen, Adult
Planning a party?
See our catering menus
533 Beach 126th Street
Belle Harbor, NY 718-634-4939
bike locking stations were
mentioned prior and they
would be more than welcome
to add value to our beautiful
community. I would ask the
uptown community board
member to throw these in the
hopper for the next meeting
and get’er done.
James O’Brien
(The Army Corp response:
The groins are only to mitigate
the erosion hot spots that are
identified in the computer ero-
sion modeling. The groins do
not continue into the 140's be-
cause they are considered not
necessary or useful).
Dear Editor:
A question, why are they
stopping the jetties at Beach
122nd? Anyone know? Well,
I went to three presentations.
I asked "Why are you stop-
ping at Beach 122nd?" I got
shrugged shoulders until the
last one. I was basically told
it a cost benefit situation. I
asked why they would stop on
what is one of the narrowest
parts of the peninsula? I asked if
they ever looked at the east side
then the west side of a "groin"?
Everyone knows you get a
buildup of sand on the east side
and a loss of sand on the west.
At the final meeting the gen-
tleman finally acknowledged
that this would be the case. This
aligns perfectly with the fact
that the boardwalk elevation
at this area goes down. It was
supposed to be the same height
to the end at Beach 126th. So to
summarize, less sand and low-
er boardwalk equals a funnel
effect in this area. I know I'm
just a nay-sayer. We'll take what
we can get !
Mike O'Toole Jr
Zwirn Gets A Vote
Dear Editor:
After almost 50 years as a reg-
istered Democrat I'm voting for
Alan Zwirn for Assembly.
We have a Democratic candi-
date who has the backing of the
powerful Democratic machine.
She has been placed in this po-
sition by the political establish-
ment. She may be a very nice
person, but if she wins, her first
obligation will be to the politi-
cal powers of Queens County,
and in Albany, not our com-
munity. She will be beholden
to vote on important issues in
Albany as she is told to vote.
We can’t go back to that type of
We know very well that, with
few exceptions, if an NYC Dem-
ocrat wins a primary election
by one vote they are in for life.
Alan Zwirn's opponent, Sta-
cey, did not even win a pri-
mary. She was handpicked by
the Bosses, one of them her
mother. She is not in the can-
didate’s position from out-
made on her own, but from
On the other hand, Alan
Zwirn, has a lifetime of work
in a difficult profession: a
teacher in the NYC Public
School system. He was not
appointed or anointed to run
for this important position by
anyone. Alan made the deci-
sion himself, and then with
the help of neighbors and
friends who know and re-
spect him, got the backing of
the party, and went through
the difficult petition process.
He is working with no finan-
cial support other than from
local people who think well
of him. This is truly a “grass-
roots movement”. The people
working with him are not pro-
fessional politicians. They are
people like you and me who
want an independent leader
who's primary obligation is to
the voters, not party bosses. I
am sure that Alan's election
will send a clear message to
all our elected officials that
this community wants results,
and we want someone who
will represent us, not their par-
ty's Bosses.
Frankie Chimera
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