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The Rockaway Times
Car Detailing
by appointment
only Tuesday
and Thursday
By Helen Kilgallen
Thank you to everyone who
came to Beach Yoga on Beach
108th Street all summer long.
You are my light and inspira-
tion. Thank you to all who sup-
port Ocean Bliss Yoga Studio,
it is an honor to serve you. I
am grateful to have your pres-
ence and constant support
on and off the mat. Our com-
munity is blessed to have this
special bond. Thank you for
everything you have taught me
and continue to teach me. It is
a humbling experience.
To be a teacher, you must be
a student for life. You are al-
ways learning from your col-
leagues, students, friends and
family. Everyday experiences
teach you to be who you are,
good or bad; you will rise to the
occasion and work from your
heart. It is through my life ex-
periences that I have learned
to be authentic. Listening and
speaking from the heart is how
I choose to live. We have one
life to live in my humble opin-
ion. I am not coming back after
I die. This is it. No regrets, no
looking back, just do the right
When I teach yoga on the
beach to 100 or more students
for the Parks Department, I am
always humbled. I am grate-
ful and respectful to everyone
who is in front of me. There
are so many students, from all
walks of life and my only re-
gret is I cannot speak to each
and every one of you. But I
am aware of your strong pres-
ence. We are one, we have so
many names but we somehow
come together with one breath
and many good intentions.
Thank you for teaching me to
be aware of the beauty around
and within us. We witnessed
rainbows, dolphins and beau-
tiful sunrises. I am blessed to
teach in the Rockaways. It has
been my hometown for the
past 35 years. My heart and
soul are here and I have the ut-
most respect for everyone.
There are many books in my
library, one of my favorite new
ones is “Prayers of Honoring”
by Pixie Lighthouse. On any
given page there is aThank You
for this life. This blessing, this
time to be with one another,
brothers, sisters, friends, etc.,
giving thanks for this bright,
brilliant day. There is a call for
something higher than our-
selves. It is powerful and I am
happy to share these messages
every day with my students.
Well as much as I would like
to think life is so good, I am of-
ten reminded of suffering. It’s
not always so warm and fuzzy.
There are really hard times for
some people and they don’t
always wake up feeling joy. I
don’t know the cure but I do
know if you can think of some-
thing to be grateful for it will
ease your pain. Invite a man-
tra into your life, such as, “I am
thankful for today, may I be
happy, may I be healthy and
may I be enlightened.” Repeat
the mantra over and over. It
will manifest and become you.
Or simply say thank you.
May you live your life with
a forgiving heart, may you be
kind, compassionate and gen-
erous in spirit. Thank you to all
who journey with me on this
path called life.