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you can easily add outlets by
running a power strip into the
6- Lighting: It is impor-
tant to add proper lighting.
A desk light works. For bet-
ter lighting get under cabi-
net lights and install them
above the desk area on the
bottom shelf or cabinet. Be
sure to mount the light as far
out from the wall as you can
to give maximum lighting on
your desk.
7- Air: If you’re going to put
a computer or laptop on the
desk, remember they can over-
heat. Adding a small desk fan
to circulate the air can make all
the difference.
8- Finishing: Whether you
used wood or cabinets for
your storage, you can paint
it. By painting it a different
color than your closet walls
they will add a feel of depth to
your converted closet. Stain-
ing wood can also add a very
nice effect.
If there is a project you would
like to see in The DIYer, email
me at
By Artie Wallace
Here is a great DIYer pro-
ject for back to school time. If
you’re lucky enough to have
the extra closet space, why not
convert a closet into a desk/
work station. There are a lot of
ways to do this. We will cover
a few.
1- First thing is to empty the
closet and paint it.
2- Now plan your desk. You
can make a desk top by buy-
ing a prefab countertop and
building supports into the
closet walls, or you can make
your desktop out of finished/
sanded wood.
3- Storage: The most versa-
tile way to add storage is using
rolling file cabinets. You can
also use old wall cabinets from
a kitchen or even build shelves
and use baskets as drawers.
4- Shelves: Most closets
have an 8’ height. You should
take advantage of that space.
Shelves for books or miscel-
laneous items is a great idea.
Wall cabinets from a kitchen
work great for closed in stor-
5- Power: Most closets don’t
have electric outlets in them,
A Closet
Mosquito Calls
Are Up
Mosquitos. Ugh. The irritating
creatures have plagued the pen-
insula for years and this season
there’s a heightened concern be-
cause the Zika virus is primarily
According to a report in AM-
New York 311 has been flooded
withcalls regardingmosquitocon-
trol and thebulkof thosecallshave
come from Arverne. The calls are
no surprise to City Councilman
Donovan Richards who said, “We
have the bay and the ocean, so
we’re right in between both. For
every day people who want to sit
in their backyard or just walk to
school or walk to work ... you are
eatenaliveout there.”
Last week , the Mayor said al-
most 500 cases of Zika have been
diagnosed in theCity so far andhas
called for the Federal government
to make emergency funding avail-
able toadequately fight thedisease.
Richards continues to encour-
age residents to call 311 so the
City and the Health Department
remain aware that mosquitos
are more than a nuisance - -but
a potential health hazard.