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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT a public scoping meeting will be held as
detailed below for the Downtown Far Rockaway Redevelopment Project. The
purpose of the scoping meeting is to provide the public with the opportunity to
comment on the Draft Scope of Work proposed to be used to develop an Envi-
ronmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Downtown Far Rockaway
Redevelopment Project.
A public scoping meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 20,
2016 at 6:30 pm and will be held at St John’s Episcopal Hospital, Boces Con-
ference Room, 510 Beach 20th Street, Far Rockaway, NY 11691. Interpretation
services can be accommodated upon request by calling or emailing the contact
below at least 1 week prior to the hearing.
Comments on the Draft Scope of Work are invited and may be presented at
the public scoping meeting and/or may be submitted in writing until 5:00 P.M. on
Monday, October 3, 2016 to the project contact below.
Directing that an Environmental Impact Statement be prepared, the Environ-
mental Assessment Statement, Positive Declaration, and Draft Scope of Work
were issued by the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Devel-
opment on August 19, 2016, and are available for review from the contact person
listed below and on the websites of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the
NewYork City Economic Development Corporation: and www., respectively.
The City of New York, acting through the New York City Economic Develop-
ment Corporation (EDC), is proposing a series of land use actions and other
discretionary actions (collectively the “Proposed Actions”) to implement recom-
mendations of a comprehensive plan to redevelop and revitalize an approximate-
ly 25-block area of the Downtown Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, Com-
munity District 14. The affected area is generally bounded by Cornaga Avenue to
the south; Beach 22nd Street, Beach Channel Drive and Redfern Avenue to the
west and northwest; Gateway Boulevard to the southeast; and Central Avenue
and Hassock Street to the east and northeast.
Within this area, the Proposed Actions are anticipated to facilitate construc-
tion of new residential, commercial, community facility, and publically-accessible
open space. The reasonable worst case development scenario (RWCDS) for the
Proposed Actions is comprised of new floor area on the proposed Downtown
Far Rockaway Urban Renewal Area, two Disposition Sites, and 17 Projected De-
velopment Sites, which are all expected to be developed by the analysis year
of 2032. The development of these sites is expected to result in an incremen-
tal increase of approximately 3,027 dwelling units [total residential floor area of
3,048,459 gross square feet (gsf)]; 152,935 gsf of commercial (retail) space; up
to 86,947 gsf of community facility space; and new public plaza space on Mott
Avenue between Central Avenue and Redfern Avenue (the “Proposed Project”).
The RWCDS also identifies 9 potential development sites which are considered
possible but less likely to be developed by the analysis year of 2032.
The Proposed Project would require multiple City approvals. Some of these
approvals are discretionary actions requiring review under the New York State
Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and City Environmental Quality Re-
view (CEQR). The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic De-
velopment will be the lead agency for CEQR. It is currently anticipated that the
Proposed Project would require the following approvals:
1) Zoning map amendments to change existing R5, R5/C1-2, R5/C2-2, C4-2,
C8-1 and M1-1 districts to R5, R5/C2-4, R6, R6/C2-4, C4-2 and C4-4 districts
within the Rezoning Area. All of the existing C1-2 and C2-2 commercial over-
lays within the Rezoning Area would be replaced or removed;
2) Zoning text amendments to the NewYork City Zoning Resolution (ZR) would:
a. Establish the Special Downtown Far Rockaway District within the Rezoning Area
to modify underlying zoning to require active ground floors where commercial
uses are allowed, adjust maximum permitted base and building heights to reflect
Downtown Far Rockaway’s existing built scale, and to adjust accessory off-street
parking requirements to reflect the area’s higher auto ownership rates;
b. Establish the Special District as a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Area
(MIHA) in Appendix F of the Zoning Resolution;
c. Establish a City Planning Commission Special Permit for Transient Hotels with-
in the Special District in order to ensure area residential goals are achieved
and new transient hotels fit within the context of Downtown Far Rockaway’s
neighborhood character and would minimize vehicular traffic and congestion;
3)Disposition of two city-owned properties (Block 15534, Lot 70 and Block 15705,
Lots 59 and 69), which requires approval through the City’s Uniform Land Use
Review Procedure (ULURP) pursuant to NewYork City Charter Section 197 (c)
and approval pursuant to NewYork City Charter Section 384(b)(4);
4)Acquisition of real property to facilitate implementation of the Proposed Project.
The City of New York may acquire certain property through negotiated acquisi-
tion or through eminent domain. Any property acquired through eminent domain
would be done in compliance with the provisions of the NewYork State Eminent
Domain Procedure Law and the NewYork City Administrative Code; and
5) Establish the Downtown Far Rockaway Urban Renewal Area (DFRURA). The
City, acting through the NewYork City Department of Housing Preservation and
Development (HPD), proposes the establishment of an Urban Renewal Area
(URA) for Downtown Far Rockaway. Establishing the URA would provide the City
with authority to dispose of City-owned property within DFRURA for redevelop-
ment in accordance with the Downtown Far Rockaway Urban Renewal Plan.
In addition, the Proposed Project requires the approval from the MTA Board of
Directors authorizing the surrender of the MTA’s leasehold interest in Block
15705, Lot 69. The two Disposition Sites currently under DOT/MTA and
DSNY jurisdiction (Block 15705, Lots 59 and 69, and Block 15534, Lot 70,
respectively) would be disposed to a private developer for redevelopment
via a competitive Request for Proposal process by EDC and HPD.
Finally, a number of Projected and Potential Development Sites within the
Rezoning Area and a portion of the URA are built within mapped street widen-
ing lines. Future development on these sites assumes that property owners would
follow a series of administrative actions to comply with General City Law Section
(GCL) 35 provisions, whereby the owners would submit an application for a GCL
35 waiver at the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA). Following
this submission, the BSA would submit the application to DOT for review and
Written comments on the Draft Scope of Work will be accepted until 5:00
P.M. on Monday, October 3, 2016.
Copies of the Positive Declaration and Draft Scope of Work for the project
may be obtained by any member of the public from the lead agency contact list-
ed below. These documents are also available on the websites of the Mayor’s
Office of Sustainability and the New York City Economic Development Corpo-
ration: and, respectively.
CEQR Number:
Lead Agency:
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Econom-
ic Development
Hillary Semel, Assistant to the Mayor
Esther Brunner, Deputy Director
253 Broadway, 14th Floor
NewYork, NY 10007
(212) 676-3290 Email:
Sponsoring Agency:
NewYork City Economic Development Corporation
110 William Street, 6th floor
NewYork, NY 10038
(212) 619-5000
SEQRA/CEQR Classification:Type I
Location of Actions:
Queens Community Board 14
This Notice of Public Meeting has been prepared pursuant to Article 8 of the
NewYork State Environmental Conservation Law (the State Environmental Qual-
ity Review Act (SEQRA)), its implementing regulations found at 6 NYCRR Part
617, and the Rules of Procedure for City Environmental Quality Review found
at 62 RCNY Chapter 5, and Mayoral Executive Order 91 of 1977, as amended