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PrettyEpic Stuff!
It’s certainly been a long time
since I can remember two sepa-
ratehurricane events in the space
of oneweek.
Last week we started off with
Hurricane Gaston waves and
ended the week with Hurri-
cane Hermine bringing on an
onslaught of intense energy
kicking up waves well past the
Interesting, too, was how much
more intense it was in Rockaway
compared to Long Beach, where
they face more south. At any
rate, surfers all over Long Island
got what they needed, despite
the knee-jerk stupidity of our
Mayor calling for the beaches to
be closed to try to prevent surf-
ing. While things are seriously
worse all over the world, it’s a
very sad situation when you feel
like you’re living in police state
and making a free form life style
of surfing a crime.
Bodysurf Contest this Saturday!
Don’t forget that we have the
First Bodysurf Contest coming
up this weekend, registration at 9
a.m., contest starts at 10 a.m. The
Rockaway Beach Bodysurf Un-
dergroundwith Jeremy Jones and
Michael Poindexter have done
a great job organizing this event
and bringing Hawaiian bodysurf
legend Mark Cunningham to
our shores. This will be an epic
day! Sign ups at Beach 84 St Jetty.
Awards and ceremony at Rippers
after the event. After Party at the
RBSC with a screening of Dirty
OldWedgeTheMovie 7:30 p.m.
Our veryown Instagramlegend
Ron Schein posing as Boardporn,
who surveys all of theworld's best
surfboards and exposes them on
his insta-feed will be doing a ses-
sion with board designer/owner
Dan O’Hara of Solid Surfboards
at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club,
noon till 3pm. Will be a great
event, grab a beer and some grub
fromTacoway Beach.
Any Make - Model !
Even If You Were Turned Down
We Can Get Approval
Repossessions And Bankruptcy Not a Problem!
Great Financing Right Here
Call Al Gee
Sandon Karinsky, photo by Eric Cooper
Bryan Laide from Puerto Rico, photo by Lou Romas