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The Rockaway Times
By Lou Pastina
Ever wonder what type of
tree that is you have been ad-
miring all these years?
Rockaway is limited in the
type of trees that grow here,
mostly because of the sand
and the wind and the salt air.
But there is enough variety
to capture the eye. I love the
spring in Rockaway because
sometime ago the city decid-
ed to plant non-fruit bear-
ing Bradford Pear trees, they
bloom white flowers and dec-
orate our blocks in spring.
A long time ago the city was
big on London Plane trees.
They are related to Sycamore
trees. You know them because
they have the brown and yel-
low exfoliating bark. Some-
times they have these round,
hard, ball like things that grow
on them. As kids, they were
great to throw at each other.
Since Sandy so many neigh-
bors have invested time, ef-
fort and money to spruce up
their homes and have added
trees to beautify their yards. I
love the late blooming Crape
Myrtles that have red and pink
flowers, as do the Hydran-
gea trees that blossom in late
We have two types of bor-
der trees, the Leyland Cy-
press, which grow really tall,
and the Arbor Vitae, which
are great for creating separa-
tion. Breezy has those low ly-
ing Pine trees which seem to
have withstood the attack of
the Japanese beetles that dec-
imated the ones in Riis Park.
Before Sandy there were a
handful of large Catalpa trees
with their very large leaves
and fruit. There used to be
one in front of the old Harbor
Light. I don’t see too many
of those anymore. I am a big
fan of Birch trees, another ex-
foliating tree typically with a
brown or white bark.
What I love about trees is
that they bring color, diver-
sity, birds, and beauty. We
need more trees in Rockaway,
but the ones we do have need
constant care and nurturing.
This was a very hot and sunny
summer, which was great, but
trees suffer under those con-
ditions. So if you see a tree in
need, give it a hug.
What are your favorite
trees? What is the most un-
usual tree that you know in
(Editor’s Note: The Lazer
didn’t kill himself with this ef-
fort. He sent this from parts un-
known while on vacation. We’re
guessing he spent some time
with Barbara Walters. What
kind of tree are you, Lou?)
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