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The T-Rex lacked the ability
to roar. If it wasn't silent, it
likely could only hiss like a
Tetris is the best selling
video game in history.
Tattooing was illegal in NYC
from 1961-1997.
Alfred Hitchcock made the
first recorded "that's what
she said" joke in 1929.
3D printing is a 30-year old
technology that has become
popular these years only
because the patents have
expired or will expire soon.
The Dead Sea scrolls listed
Goliath's height as 6ft. 9in. It
also states that David struck
him in the leg rather than
the head, causing Goliath's
fatal stumble.
The drug lord Pablo Escobar
offered topayoffColumbia's
$20 billion foreign debt in
order to avoid extradition to
the US.
20% of all trees on Earth
reside in Russia.
Ancient Rome was eight
times more densely popu-
lated than modern New
In 2014, an L.A. memorial
tree dedicated to George
Harrison was killed by an
infestation of beetles.
(The facts above come
via the deep research of
RT correspondent Sean
McVeigh. We don’t verify
the facts but we like them !)
Facts You Probably
Don’t Need
MA, using materials from the
decks and cabins of an older
vessel and recycled materials
from beaches and construction
sites. Builders, Tim Johnson
and Gretchen Neutrino sailed
the boat from Provincetown to
Martha’s Vineyard and then to
New York. The Dragon Boat is
Neutrino’s last surviving vessel.
The Dragon Boat is now main-
tained by a group of local art-
ists, including Geoff Rawling.
It has been sailing around Ja-
maica Bay for the past 18 years
and has become a local icon to
the pirates, mermaids, musi-
cians and artists who have gone
aboard for a voyage.
The Dragon Boat had an
easy winter docked at Thai
Rock on Beach 92nd street, but
a wild wind storm earlier this
month did some severe dam-
age. According to Rawling,
the storm “tore up her moor-
ings, flipped the dock over
and smashed her relentlessly
into the pilings,” leaving the
captain and crew in great de-
spair over the work that needs
to be done. However, they re-
fuse to let the Dragon Boat go
down. The Dragon Boat crew
has committed to rebuilding
the boat and adding some
much-needed upgrades, but it
will take many hours and dol-
lars to tow the boat and have it
repaired in time for summer.
The crew is enlisting the help
of all of those who wish to see
this icon stay afloat.
Geoff Rawling has started a
GoFundMe campaign to raise
the money to rebuild and re-
new the Dragon Boat. More
than $1,200 was donated to-
ward the $5,000 goal over the
course of 24 hours. To help
contribute to this campaign,
head to
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