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The Rockaway Times
The Lazer Speaks
By Lou Pastina
Ever come over the Cross-
bay or Marine Parkway Bridge
after a hard day at work or
school and look out upon the
ocean, with the sun reflect-
ing far off over the horizon?
As soon as you hit the bridges
you can immediately feel the
breeze, slightly cooler than
wherever you were before,
and welcomed.
The horizon stretches out
forever and it’s just at the top
of the bridges that you realize
that the world is really round
because you can almost see
the crested edges of water just
drifting off into infinity. An
occasional cloud drifts by as
to say, hey you, come on over
to this spit of land and enjoy
the sandbar called Rockaway.
It’s at those times that you
really love that you live here.
The peninsula beckons to the
driver to park their car, forget
your troubles and enjoy life a
bit. In the summer, there are
ships that line the waterways
waiting to enter New York
harbor. They stretch all the
way toward Long Beach. On
Saturday nights the cruise
ships move in the opposite
direction heading to adven-
tures and points unknown.
But I am happy to just be
here, because the warm
winds caress, and the gen-
tle waters rehabilitate. From
time to time, fish run along
the shore and chase the bait-
fish causing a stir and ripple
along the waves.
It’s at this time of year
that the seagulls own the
beach, alone in their search
for scavenged relics. Those
brave enough to walk their
dogs along the beach, give
their pets that sense of free-
dom, unbounded by a leash.
They chase the seagulls from
jetty to jetty. The sun is get-
ting stronger, and despite
the March winds that have
followed us into April, May
flowers are on their way.
Trees are beginning to
bloom too, and a few daffo-
dils have been tricked into
blooming as well. Can tulips
be far behind? The cherry
blossoms, redbuds and Brad-
ford pear trees are preparing
to unfold before us, and de-
spite allergic reactions, will
thrill us all with their splash
of colors against the blue sky
and ocean.
Yes despite winter’s pro-
tests, spring is breaking
through, and with it the hope
that is summer. Soon the pen-
insula will be a buzz with visi-
tors, and we will have to share
our paradise with our neigh-
bors. But’s that ok, when we
needed help they came and
they helped us, so they are
most welcomed to enjoy this
physically beautiful area we
call home, Rockaway. And
hopefully our aquatic friends
will visit us too, as in past
years, the whales and dol-
phins that poke their heads
above the waterline to say
hello. And maybe, just may-
be when we look out over the
horizon, perhaps a mermaid
or two. Ah, spring is here at
last, time to hope for summer
as we cruise over the bridges
into Brigadoon.