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The Awning War
Without love, life would be
challenging. We are connected
to one another by the essence
of love. Our true self is pure
love. Often we are comforted by
simple words, a soft touch or a
kind face. Recently, our com-
munity suffered the loss of our
dear dance studio owner Elaine
The kindest, most loving per-
son I have ever known. Gener-
ous, big hearted and so happy
to be herself. We strive all the
time to be in the moment and
to be ourselves but somehow
Elaine knew how to do this ef-
fortlessly. It was love that kept
Elaine going. Her love for her
family, dance, and community.
She lived a full life and taught
us all so much about what love
is. To be kind is the greatest at-
tribute one can have and Elaine
was full of kindness. When your
life is turned upside down you
need to have a strong support
system and love. It is only with
this love that you can move for-
ward. Community, sangha, is of
utmost importance.
We are meant to live in a nur-
turing environment. For the
dancers at Mrs. Elaine’s School
of Dance they are at home
dancing with one another in the
beautiful space Elaine provid-
ed. Elaine created an environ-
ment for children where they
felt safe, loved and respected.
It wasn’t only about the com-
petition, Elaine taught the chil-
dren to be good to one another.
In fact, I believe one of her last
wishes to the girls were, “Be
good to one another.” Profound
and life changing. If only we
were all good to one another.
Thank you Elaine for teach-
ing our children to be kind and
good people. You will be for-
ever in our hearts and we will
make you proud.
The yoga community at
Ocean Bliss was overflowing
with love and support during
this time. Their compassion
and kindness was felt in the
studio every day. As teachers
it is our job to guide, comfort
and support the students. We
are their leaders. The students
showed so much concern, love
and affection that the studio
became a healing sanctuary.
We realized how strong and
connected our yoga commu-
nity had become. Elaine was
responsible for allowing us to
be a community. The seed was
planted and we fed it with love
and devotion.
In life there are a few things
that can really make for a
good life. Love, community
and kindness. If you are lucky
enough to have these three
things, you will always be hap-
py. When darkness clouds your
vision, light will shine through
with love. Be thankful for the
love you have in family and
community. It is a blessing to
be surrounded by love. There
is no greater gift in life than to
have had love in your life, even
if it’s for a short time. We are in
a world created by love. All cre-
ation comes from this place of
Thank you Elaine for the love
you gave to us all. You will al-
ways be remembered as the
kindest, loving dance teacher,
mother, wife, sister, daughter
and friend. You lived a great
life and we will always love and
miss you. XOXOXO