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‘we want to bring this back,
would you be interested?’”
“I knew what Rob had here
before. We couldn’t just let
this disappear,” landlord and
co-owner Nicky Martelli said.
The rebuild began in May 2015,
with the owners paying out of
pocket for everything from the
equipment to the construc-
tion. The owners are planning
to bring back the dock so peo-
ple can come by boat, but it will
take some more funds. “I want
to add 200-feet of pull-up boat
slips for up to 20 boat to pull up
at a time.The goal is to have that
by Memorial Day.”
Having the ability to start over,
Pisani decided to bring back a
whole new establishment, not
just in looks, but also in atmos-
phere. “With the past restau-
rant, one mistake that I made
was that I kept dressing it up
more and more and it turned
into more of a catering hall to
get through the winters, so it
had a high-endmenu and it lost
that vibe of being by the water,
being able to show up in shorts
and a tank. It lost that outdoor
water aspect and I didn’t real-
ize it until it was too late. When
we first started in 1999 we had
doors with portholes and a nau-
tical theme and it feltmore like a
bar. I wanted to bring that back,”
Pisani said. The new Bayview
will have a more laid-back vibe.
“We’re going to have to fig-
ure out our identity but I want
people to be able to come by to
watch a game, enjoy tap beer
and eat some comfort food. I
want people to feel like they’re
on vacation in Broad Channel.
When you have this great view,
a good bite to eat and a frozen
drink, you can’t beat that on a
90-degree day,” he said.
Instead of lobster dinners, the
menu will have things like lob-
ster mac and cheese and lob-
ster rolls. Instead of fine cuts
of steak, the menu will feature
steak sandwiches and a variety
of burgers. With 20 appetizers,
several sandwiches, seafood
and a raw bar, there’s some-
thing for everyone to enjoy. “It’s
a casual menu with fair prices
and I think people are going to
really like it,” Pisani said.
Although the food, look and
atmosphere will be different,
Pisani says some of his former
staff members will be coming
back. “We had a lot of good
employees that are returning,
which will be helpful,” he said.
Some positions still need to be
filled and people are encour-
aged to stop by to fill out an ap-
Bayview Grille & Marina, lo-
cated right by the bridge at 25
Van Brunt Road, will have a pri-
vate soft opening this weekend
and will be open to the public
on Tuesday, April 19. Restau-
rant hours will be 3 p.m to 9
p.m. Tuesdays through Thurs-
days, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fri-
days and Saturdays, with the bar
open until 2 a.m., and 12 p.m.
to 9 p.m. on Sundays. The res-
taurant and staff will take some
time to get back into the swing
of things, but a grand opening
celebration will be held some-
time within the next few weeks.
The Bayview’s comeback will
be a big positive for the commu-
nity. “It’s another place that has
been rebuilt since Sandy and to
see something back here feels
great. We employ several people
from Broad Channel and Rock-
away, so having this back opens
up jobs, which is exciting,”
Pisani said. In return, the com-
munity has been very support-
ive. “We want to thank everyone
for all their good wishes and for
offering their help. Good wishes
are part of what keep you going,”
Nicky Martelli said. “We’re back
fromSandy. You liked us before,
you’ll love us now,” Anthony
Martelli said.
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