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Foul Wind:
Parts of Boardwalk And Beaches
Won’t Open Until July
A city official sent the fol-
lowing to the Rockaway Times:
“We are moving the expected
open date for the smaller sec-
tion - fromBeach 108th to Beach
126th - to July 2016, as a result of
safety measures put in place last
month following the tragic crane
collapse in Lower Manhattan.
“These new safety regulations
required that all crawler cranes
cease operation and go into safe-
ty mode whenever steady winds
were forecast to exceed 20mph
or gusts to exceed 30mph; as a
result of these safety measures,
work along the boardwalk has
been halted a number of times
in recent weeks to ensure the
safety of pedestrians and those
working on the boardwalk pro-
As The Rockaway Times was
going to press more disappoint-
ing news arrived. In addition to
an unfinished boardwalk, beach
access will be limited for about
a mile. According to the Parks
Department access to the beach
from Beach 106 to Beach 126
will be restricted to three access
points. “Through July, beach ac-
cess will remain open at B108
and B116th Streets. Access will
be provided at B126th St start-
ing on Memorial Day 2016.”
Residents and visitors on oth-
er streets will have to make it to
those access points to get to the
Many residents were not
pleased with the news. Some
of the comments on the Rock-
away Times Facebook page in-
cluded: What about the mild
winter? If they worked like they
should have the wind wouldn’t
be an issue….How many days
were there gusts over 30 miles
an hour? Those few days pushes
the boardwalk back six weeks?!
….If they’re using wind as an ex-
cuse in Rockaway, it’ll never be
By Pat Morgan
Community Board #14 held its
regular monthly meeting on Tues-
day, April 12 at the Knights of Co-
lumbusHall onBeach90thStreet.
Queens Borough President,
Melinda Katz, kicked off the
meeting with an overview of var-
ious topics. She said the design
phase of the Far Rockaway library
is moving; there will be $2M for
Sandpiper Park, and money for
upcoming work at Tribute Park
(repaving and improved lighting).
She noted that the Broad Chan-
nel Street Raising Task Force is in
Phase II (14 & 19 Road).
BP Katz remained neutral on
the Rockaway Beach Rail (aka
Queens Rail) Line. She cited that
this solution as well as the Queen-
sway option have significant issues
and she is letting these plans play
CB14 welcomed three new
Board members (Desiree Maple,
Edward Benson, and Khaleel An-
CB14 District Manager, Jona-
than Gaska, announced that NYC
has provided funding to update
the CB14’s currently “lame” web-
site and improvements should
be made by July 1. He noted the
Department of Sanitation will be
cleaning the usual areas that are
breeding grounds for mosqui-
toes and that we can do our part
by emptying any containers filled
with rainwater. He moved on to
the park inArverne (B62-72 north
of the El) andhowArverneByThe
Sea will donate $3M to the Parks
Department once they start their
final phase, which is estimated
as being two years fromnow. The
$3M is not enough and Gaska
statedthat aParkhousewithbath-
rooms with a few swings will cost
$1.2M alone. More funding from
elected officials will be needed to
make this happen.
A number of people spoke dur-
ing the Public Speaking portion
of themeeting including NYPIRG
(helpwith small claims court pro-
cess), Jeffrey Williams-Maisonet
(who is making a documenta-
ry on youth struggles in failing
schools), Rosyln Mason from
Sheltering Arms (supporting safe
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