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The Rockaway Times
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Bring Your Challenges
These are rates for non-tobacco users in our Preferred Best category and do not include any riders. If you continue
the policy beyond the initial level-premium period (in this case, 10 years), premiums will then increase annually
through age 95 but will never be more than the maximum stated in the contract. In Montana, rates for females are
the same as those for males. Paying more often than annually will result in higher premiums. Availability and
actual rates will vary based on how you satisfy our underwriting and eligibility criteria. The issuing company may
have the right to contest the policy for misrepresentation or to apply a suicide clause. Rates as of August 2014.
Term essential is issued by Pruco Life Insurance Company in all states except New York, where it is issued by
Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey. Both are Prudential Financial companies located in Newark, NJ.
Each is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. The policy form number is
PLTIC-2008 and may be followed by a state code. 0279347-00001-00
Senior Slap Down
Dear Editor:
(Regarding a letter to the edi-
tor in the 12/8/16 RT)
When I read that there was
someone who wrote to pro-
test a photograph, I had to
immediately turn to Page 14. I
couldn't imagine what I would
find -- a picture of someone
lying in the street bleeding,
animal cruelty, a photo of a
child needing a home???? No,
it was worse.
Beatrice H. wrote that she
was angry because she saw a
picture that truly upset her.
She stated that she would
rather see a picture of a dead
turkey than a picture of a gi-
ant candy chocolate turkey!! I
guess that there's not enough
currently in the news to think
about. I suggest that in addi-
tion to reading the Rockaway
Times (which I love getting on-
line), she also order The New
York Times.
And, yes Beatrice, I too am
over the age of 65.
Susan Cohen Strange
Noblesville, Indiana
Raised on Beach 138th Street,
FRHS Class of '67
Initial Response
Dear Editor:
(Regarding the letter about
the Chocolate Turkey photo-
graph) WTF?
Silly Goose
Dear Editor:
To the Reader who took um-
brage with my Happy, Jolly,
Little chocolate turkey photo in
the Thanksgiving edition of this
paper- (page 37)
Yes, Beatrice H. there is a tur-
key in Rockaway… and it’s you!
I will never apologize for
submitting a photograph of
a locally made product. I will
never apologize for living here,
between the Atlantic Ocean
and Jamaica Bay. I will never,
ever apologize for having pride
in my hometown, Rockaway
As she missed this year’s
Thanksgiving Local Turkey
Snapshots, I invite that Read-
er to volunteer her portrait for
the Rockaway Christmas Goose
Contest. Because she sure is a
Very Truly Yours,
Yarrow Regan
Turkey Chuckle
Dear Editor:
There’s always something
that makes me laugh or smile
in The Rockaway Times so I
always get my money’s worth
(oops, it’s a free paper but you
get the point!) The letter from
Beatrice H. complaining about
a photo of chocolate turkeys
gave me the laugh I needed
especially after having an in-
vasion of family members over
Thanksgiving. She said she
would have preferred turkeys,
dead or alive. Beatrice, submit
a self-portrait next year!
J. Murphy
Type Casting
Dear Editor:
I think a reality TV show fea-
turing Eric Ulrich could be in-
teresting as he considers run-
ning for Mayor but I think it
would be a lot more fun if Lew
Simon is involved. Lew gave
Eric a run for his money last
time so it’s only right that Lew
get some air time. Eric runs af-
ter de Blasio and Lew runs after
Eric. The show slogan could be
Make Rockaway Absurd Again.
Louis Bargone