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The Rockaway Times
By Artie Wallace
If a common thing to hear
in your home is “someone go
shake the handle,” then you've
got a running toilet. This week
I will tell you how to fix it. The
first thing you’ll need to do is
determine why it keeps run-
Here are some of the things
you need to check (in this or-
der), and how to fix them.
1- Remove the lid and look at
the overflow tube (that is a tall
tube coming up from where
the flap valve is mounted). If
the water is below the top of
the tube, go to step 2. If the
water is going over the top of
the tube, you will need to ad-
just the float. This is usually
done by turning an adjustment
screw on the flushometer.
2- Check the chain going
to the flap valve. The chain
shouldn’t be tight or too loose;
it should have just a little play
in it. If not, adjust it as needed.
3- Check the flap valve, see if
it is sitting flush on the open-
ing or free of signs of wear. If
the answer to either of these is
no, change the flap valve.
4- Check the flushometer. It
should fully stop allowing wa-
Someone Go
Shake the Handle!
ter from filling when the float
is lifted and should allow water
to fill when the float is always
down. Also check for signs of
age (plastic dried out, fill hose
has cracks, etc). If the flush-
ometer is not functioning 100
percent, replace it.
Note: When replacing any
parts on your toilet, the new
parts should have instructions
with them, follow them care-
fully. Also whenever replacing
any part on your toilet, be sure
to shut the water off first. never
work on a toilet while the wa-
ter is on!
If there is a project you would
like to see in The DIYer, email
me at rocktimesdiy@gmail.