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The Rockaway Times
help children born with AIDS.
President Jennifer Stockman
has said that “Claudio Basso
is a masterful artist adept at
capturing the spirit and soul
of any subject matter. In his
first landscape series, he was
able to make even trees look
like sensual and organic crea-
tures. Claudio is truly a gifted
artist who has the ability to
change the way in which we
perceive the world around
For his part, Basso is look-
ing forward to bringing his
work to the Rockaway penin-
sula. “It makes me feel good,”
he says about showing his
black and white nature pho-
tography, which he notes
conveys a very strong ener-
gy. “I believe this is going to
bring a positive impact to the
For Basso, the Kennedy’s
venue is a change of pace. “It
is a great opportunity. I rarely
exhibit directly to the public,
and I rarely sell at exhibitions.
Here I have reduced the pric-
es (of my works) to make
them more approachable.
Especially with the holidays,
this may be an opportunity
for someone to buy a beau-
tiful piece of art for some-
one they really care about.
To bring something beautiful
into their lives.”
Basso says that there is an
entire intuitive process to the
way he works. It “starts from
the fact that I am a Buddhist
and I have a true deep love
for Mother Nature, which has
inspired me through the later
part of my life.
“I usually first meditate on
what I want to bring forth. Af-
terwards all my senses— not
just sight, but smell, hear-
ing, touch—are very aware
of everything around me.
At that point I usually walk,
sometimes a long time, be-
fore coming to a sudden stop,
like nature guided me there,
to that spot, to that image.
“At that point my photo-
graphing of it is more of a me-
Mother Nature has already
taken that picture. All I am
doing is transferring it to the
He describes it as putting a
stamp on the envelope where
Nature has already written the
letter, already told the story.
Through this process, he says,
“the images develop a very
strong energy field. And people
can feel it. It does take you to
a different world.
“There is a sense of time,
relaxation, peace. And at
the end of the story they do
convey a sense of happi-
“Whenever I get feedback
from people (which is part
of the flow of the process)
I get comments like ‘You
have no idea how much an
effect this had on my life’.
Or ‘It created so much hap-
Basso now lives in Brooklyn,
but his intention is to move to
Rockaway, possibly to Breezy,
by next year. “There is a beau-
tiful sense of peace here. As
soon as you get in the area
you can feel it. In Breezy Point
there is a very unadulterated
sense of nature, and it is in the
lifestyle. You can feel it.”
But Basso wants to do
more than just become part
of the community.
“I’mgoing to develop a child
development fund called Kids
With Wings, which will be a
scholarship…for month-long
courses to learn about com-
municating with art.”
By learning through art,
he says younger people can
develop “a sense of inner
strength to make them feel
free. And they will learn that it
is possible to be able to make
a living out of art. And to find
“It helps the community,
the young people and creates
more beauty in the world.”
Fifty percent of the pro-
ceeds from the Kennedy’s ex-
hibition will go towards get-
ting this fund started.
As the opening for A Breath
of Fresh Art, an exhibition of
Zen Landscape Portraits, at
Kennedy’s Restaurant draws
closer, the artist’s enthusiasm
is infectious.
When Basso asks if he will
see you there on Saturday,
he immediately adds, “There
is only one possible to that
question. The answer is
Calling all 8th, 9th and 10th Grade Boys
Rockaway Little League is looking for 8th, 9th and
10th grade boys to start a new division the Junior
Major Boys Division.
This will be a competitive division but you will also
have a lot of fun. Time to see old friends and make
new ones!
Everyone is invited to play regardless if you have
played or not.
There is no trying out if that is what is holding
you back.
You will learn along the way and of course we
would like to invite the more experienced
players who can teach the others.
If you are interested or would like more information about the league
you may email:
Virginia Donohue at
We are also looking for volunteers for coaching. If you are interested and are over
the age of 18 and would like to coach please let me know.
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By Claudio Basso