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The Rockaway Times
tractor has not yet been cho-
sen. There will be only one
shuttle bus in each direction
that will make trips totalling
25 minutes to the ferry dock
at Beach 108th Street. There
will be no shuttle bus from
Broad Channel. The ferry will
cost the same as a Metrocard
fare, but won’t be tied into
the Metrocard system, as the
MTA is planning to phase out
Metrocards at some point. It
may be connected to a future
MTA payment system. Un-
like last time, there will be
a fee to park at the National
Grid parking site as the EDC
will be leasing the lot. There
will be three vessels built for
Rockaway, which will car-
ry 149 passengers, but there
will be access to a 400-pas-
senger vessel if needed. EDC
will monitor ridership to de-
termine if changes need to
be made. There will be 129
interior seats and 28 exterior
seats on the boats. A decision
has not yet been made on
how to spend an extra $18.75
million, which is partially
funded by money acquired
by Anthony Weiner when he
was congressman. The CB
will send a letter to the EDC
and Hornblower, address-
ing some of the community
concerns and requesting that
they come to their next meet-
ing to address some of these
The Health and Social Ser-
vices Committee recapped
the events of its November 22
meeting. One item discussed
was a senior housing project
being built on Beach Chan-
nel Drive and Seagirt Boule-
vard, which was spearhead-
ed by Councilman Donovan
Richards. The $70 million
project broke ground in Au-
gust. The seven-story build-
ing is a mixed-use devel-
opment that is being built
by local hires. It is senior
housing that is 40 percent
affordable, meaning for sen-
iors (65+) who make no more
than $36K a year. Fifty-per-
cent of units will be reserved
for seniors currently liv-
ing in Rockaway. St. John’s
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Hospital has leased 6,000
square feet of the building
to provide geriatric servic-
es. There will be 105 parking
spots for the units and 25
for guests. The project is ex-
pected to be complete some-
time next year. Once the
Certificate of Occupancy is
obtained, there will be a lot-
tery through HPD. The other
item discussed was the new
medical center coming to
Beach 105th Street. Demoli-
tion has begun and the pro-
ject is expected to be com-
plete by the end of 2017. The
four-story building will offer
healthcare on three floors. It
will have operating rooms,
business offices and surgi-
cal specialties. The trans-
fer hospital is South Nas-
sau Communities Hospital.
There are hopes to add a lab,
imaging center and dialysis
center to the building. Due
to a high need for a dialysis
center, the committee urged
St. John’s to consider open-
ing a dialysis center in the
new building. St. John’s said
it wouldn’t be possible right
away as the hospital has its
own issues to work through,
but the idea is not completely
off the table.
Lastly, the Education and
Youth Services Committee
provided updates from its
December 5 meeting. The
committee is making efforts
to gather info from the 24
schools in Rockaway to de-
termine what their areas of
concern are and how to best
help them. They have written
letters and made calls to the
schools and PTA presidents
for all 24 schools but only
four or five have responded.
The committee has started to
work with these schools and
their issues. A big issue for
some is transportation safety
around the schools, so a let-
ter was written to Nicole Gar-
cia of the DOT to ask for solu-
tions like extra signage, speed
bumps, crossing guards and
more. Hank Iori of the Edu-
cation Committee also met
with the principal of PS 204
to discuss other issues like
a lack of air conditioning
in the gym and auditorium
and limited playground use.
The school is located near a
large park, so the committee
connected with the Parks
Department to determine if
there is a way that the school
can utilize the park. The Ed-
ucation Committee is lim-
ited in what itcan do, aside
from making recommen-
dations or connecting with
those who can help, but it
will continue to reach out to
schools and determine ways
to address their individual
Affordable Units
Lottery Set
The StreetEasy Blog re-
ported on Monday that a
new affordable housing lot-
tery has been announced
for 44-19 Rockaway Beach
Boulevard. One hundred
affordable units at the new
Beach Green Dunes devel-
opment wil l be made avail-
able to qualified appli-
cants. Lottery details and
application can be found
through NYC Housing Con-
nect or at the Beach Green
Dunes website.
Beach Green Dunes is a
new, $32.5 mil lion devel-
Organization and Triangle
Equities. At seven stories,
the passive building with
environmental ly conscious
features and energy effi-
ciency wil l feature studi-
os, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom
units. Al l units wil l be for
dates, ranging from those
earning 50, 60, and 90 per-
cent less than the area me-
dian income. Rental prices
range from $653 for a studio
to $1,597 for a 3-bedroom
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