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DH To Blame
Dear Editor:
If we are really serious about
dealing with climate change
the first thing we should do is
rescind Major League Base-
ball's 1973 "designated hit-
ter" rule. Now I have done
my research and have found,
beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that it was shortly after 1973
that our scientists decided we
no longer had to worry about
global cooling with life ending
massive ice sheets covering
the earth and instead, global
warming was actually going to
kill all of us with rising sea lev-
els. As far as I am concerned,
things were "cooling" just fine
until they benched all those
pitchers who couldn't swing a
bat to save their lives and re-
placed them with real "sultans
of swat" whose batting skills
have since markedly affected
the jet stream!"
Pete Mahon
Thanks And Switch
Dear Editor:
I am a registered Democrat
but I will be switching to the
Republicans this year due to
the GREAT HELP Councilman
Eric Ulrich's office was to me in
regards to Build it Back. Rob-
by Schwach and the rest of the
councilman's office staff were
so helpful dealing with all the
CRAP and delays that BIB gave
us. NO other elected officials,
Democrats, that I contacted,
helped, and if you have dealt
with Build it Back you know
we needed a lot of help with
BIB. The Republicans were the
only ones to help so I am now
switching parties!
Nancy Rasmussen
Zwirn Gets A Vote
Dear Editor:
Is it time for a change?
It's been fifty years, or more,
since a concerned local from
another profession and career
(other than a politician) rep-
resented Rockaway and South
Queens in the State Assembly.
In 1987 a local firefighter ran
against Audrey Pheffer, but he
lost. Before 1987 a career pol-
itician Gerdie Lipshultz rep-
resenting Rockaway for about
15 years had to resign from the
district seat, as she was under
ethics investigations.
Today, a 35-year NYC pub-
lic schoolteacher --- and my
friend Alan Zwirn --- is run-
ning for Rockaway's State As-
sembly seat to be vacated by
Phil Goldfeder and I hope all
voters here on the peninsula
(and on the mainland, too) se-
riously consider him this elec-
tion day, November 8th.
Why? Because he will be a
forthright, forceful, effective
rep...a guy who advocated tire-
lessly for 35 years in the public
schools of Brooklyn for educa-
tion, for progress, for personal
achievement, for a better life
for his students from Bed-Stuy
to the Slope.
Likewise, today, here he
wants to advance, he wants to
improve, the Rock's schools,
our transportation bottle-
necks, and security on all our
His proposals include (a)
an inside critique of our fail-
ing Queens schools here in
Rockaway, (b) a blue/green
transport network in our Ja-
maica and Sheepshead Bays
linking Rock and Far Rock to
JFK, Brooklyn and of course
Manhattan, (c) no toll for all
Queens residents to the Rock-
aways, just as there's no toll
to Coney Island, Roosevelt
Island and City Island, (d) to
alleviate the shortage of cops,
Zwirn proposes to add a dozen
PO's and two patrol cars to all
77 precincts around NYC, and
also (e) seek 'transparency'
from the Mayor's office on all
South Queens and Rockaway
Will you support Alan, with
Peter J Stubben