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The Rockaway Times
20-10 Crossbay Blvd.
Broad Channel
(718) 945-2233
Mon-Fri 5:30am-4pm | Sat, Sun 6am-4pm
Iced caramel, chocolate and vanilla lattes, cappuccinos,
Espressos macchiatos, and many more...
to Broad Channel
and the Rockaways!
As the weather is turning cooler
you might like to know that each
Sunday afternoon, starting at 2
p.m., the Broad Channel VFW
Post will be preparing a single,
homemade, hot dish which will
be available in the building's rear
canteen (bar) area. Now, just so
there is no confusion, this week-
ly Sunday offering is not a formal
brunch event replete with menu.
Rather, it ismore likea single item,
weekly culinary indulgence, a true
"bonne bouche" one might say.
For example, this past Sunday I
thoroughly enjoyed a delicious
shrimp, rice and salsa dish ac-
companied by conch fritters and
chips! Admittedly, the repast was
servedwith plastic bowls and cut-
lery but I can guarantee that you
would be hard-pressed to find
a dish like this anywhere else in
our area. The in-house chefs at
the VFW have taken pub grub to
an entirely new level and it is cer-
tainly worth your time to stop by
on any Sunday afternoon to check
it out. A $5 donation is suggested
to partake of this weekly culinary
delight with all proceeds going to
support the organization'smyriad
activities onbehalf of our disabled
I would also personally recom-
mend that you enhance your af-
a Bloody Mary from the canteen
bar which is always prepared to
taste - from "virgin and mild" to
"get ready to talk to your sneakers
After indulging myself with the
afternoon's hot dish in the can-
teen, I strolled back into the VFW
hall where the Broad Channel
Historical Society was holding its
annual "Historical Day" exhibi-
tion. The Historical Society was
founded in1994 and since then its
members have worked tirelessly
to both document and preserve
the history of our small commu-
nity in the middle of Jamaica Bay.
It is always a pleasure to have the
opportunity tospeakwiththe likes
of Barbara Toborg, the society's
chairperson and our town's res-
ident Broad Channel centric au-
thor, Dan Guarino. In addition to
the hour or so spent enjoying the
myriad of historical documents
and other items on display I also
had the pleasure of meetingMary
Dady Clarity, author of Old Salt,
a memoir of her husband Mike
Clarity's, life growing up in Broad
Channel through his years of ser-
vice with the United States Navy. I
pickedupa signed copy of OldSalt
while there and am looking for-
wardtoreading it thisweek.
While at the VFW I ran into Bar-
explained that shehasbeenhaving
problems with the delivery of the
Rockaway Times to her residence
over on Beach 87th Street in Rock-
away. She explained that she lives
in an old bungalowareawhere the
propertyaddressesareall thesame
accompanied by a letter designa-
tion (i.e.: "A", "B", "C", etc.) It turns
out Barbra does not have a com-
puter but she states she is an avid
fan of the Rockaway Times to the
extent that she has taken to pur-
loining her neighbors copy from
his yard when the opportunity
presents itself. She asked me to
pass this along to our editor, Kevin
Boyle, asking if he could look into
this stating, "After all, I am risking
arrestandjail timesimplytogetmy
weekly fixof theRockawayTimes!"
Later that afternoon as I was
sitting at the canteen's bar when
someone remarked, "Wasn't this
a great day? You come in the front
door and you visit our town's past
with thehistorical society and then
you walk to the rear canteen and
you're back in the present!" Some-
one further down the bar quick-
ly replied, "Yeah, and when you
leave, make a right on Cross Bay,
walk down to East 14th Road and
visit your future at Hillebrand's Fu-
Broad Channel, why would any-
onewant to liveanywhereelse?