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See howwe’re investing in your town at
Luke Sylvanus
Northport, Long Island customer
“Works For Me!”
We knowour crewsmake getting around a hassle nowand then. But all
that work is a sign of our investment creating themost reliable electric
systempossible right here on Long Island. So not only will we respond to
downed power lines faster, we’ll be able to prevent many outages before
they occur. The cones will soon be gone—the improvements will be here
for years to come.
Don’t think of themas tra ic cones.
But as part of a
500million improvement plan.
The Justin Zemser Way
By Katie McFadden
enue and Beach Channel
Drive now bears another
name. Every timeyoupass
theBeachChannel Educa-
tional Campus, you’ll be
reminded of a young man
who touched the lives of
those all around him dur-
ing his short lifetime. The
street was officially co-
named Midshipman Jus-
tin Zemser Way on Friday,
October 14.
Hundreds gathered to
pay tribute to the young
man who made quite
the impact in his 20 years
here. Zemserwas a stellar
student at Channel View
School for Research and
graduated as valedictori-
an. Hewas also captain of
the football team, a sport
he truly loved. He also
worked as a lifeguard,
volunteered his time with
local community groups
such as the Rockaway
Special Olympics pro-
gram, and he interned for
Councilman Eric Ulrich.
Zemser went on to the US
Naval Academy where he
continued to play football
and outshine academi-
cally. While his resume
was impressive, it was the
kind of person that Zems-
er was that truly resonat-
ed with people. Zemser
was killed in the Amtrak
crash onMay 12, 2015.
Zemser may no longer
be here but his impact is
everlasting. Friday’s cer-
emony was testament to
that. The ceremony be-
gan with music by the
CVSR band, followed by
statements from CVSR
Assistant Principal Joe
Featherston, a perfor-
mance of “Hero” and “I’ll
Be Missing You” sung by
the CVSR chorus, words
from Councilman Eric
Ulrich, Zemser’s former
English teacher Michael
Kennedy, his Naval Acad-
emy roommates, his par-
ents, Howard and Susan,
and more. Zemser’s par-
entswere given the honor
of unveiling the new sign
declaring the street Mid-
shipman Justin Zemser
Way and the ceremony
was closed with everyone
joining in to sing the Na-
val Academy fight song
“Navy Blue and Gold.”
The sign is appropri-
ately named. One of
Zemser’s Naval Acade-
my roommates, Mitchell
Bond said, “He pushed
himself to be better every
single day. It’s appropri-
ate that it’s called the Jus-
tin Zemser Way because
there was a way about
how he conducted him-
self every day.” Some said
he exemplified CVSR’s
15 words to live by: re-
spect, manners, caring,
achievement, kindness,
trust, confidence, sports-
manship, responsibility,
friendship, community,
honesty and potential.
“The Justin Zemser way
is the way for all of us to
live our lives. To serve the
community, to be hum-
ble, to dedicate yourself
to being the best but not
bragging about what you
do. Not worrying about
what you accomplished
in life in terms of materi-
al things, but what you do
for other people,” Feather-
ston said. “He made a dif-
ference. We were inspired
why we’re naming a street
after Justin Zemser,” Ul-
rich said. Zemser’s father,
Howard said, “Justin was
a proud American and
you can share his pride
by emulating all that he
did in his short lifetime
and by working hard to
achieve your own per-
sonal goals. Thank you to
everyone for sharing this
honor with us. We truly
appreciate it.”
If you would like to
share photos or mem-
ories of Justin Zemser,
head to www.inmemo-