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By Paulette Mancuso
One can never overestimate
the power of gratitude. Re-
peated acknowledgments of
gratitude is one of those things
that starts such a feeling of
well-being even in the face of
hardship, trials and tribula-
tions and stress. If we can take
the time to acknowledge the
hot shower, the warmth of our
beds and blankets to rest and
sleep, the smile that a stranger
gave, the sun every day rising
and setting, the food we are so
fortunate to eat, a calm happi-
ness may surface. It is in the
power of my belief: “what we
think, say and do becomes a
part of us”.
When you express grati-
tude, you raise the vibrations
around you to a higher fre-
quency. You create positive
energy that emanates out from
you and returns to you as won-
derful experiences. You be-
come magnetic. Good things
and good people gravitate to-
ward you because you’re such
a joy and delight to be around.
– Daniel Peralta in Louise
Hay’s book: “Gratitude: A Way
of Life.”
Ok. You might think that is
“out there.” Vibrations and
frequencies and energy em-
anating... Think about it in
terms of repeating thank yous
for all the simple things you
enjoy in your life, saying thank
you to people (when was the
last time you thanked some-
one for just being in your life?)
and for being grateful that you
can walk, see, hear, feel. Be-
cause it is all positive affirma-
tion and affirming positives
any chance we get roots in
on a cellular level in our bod-
ies, minds and hearts. That
comes from within and shows
itself in our demeanor. That is
what Daniel P. is saying above.
Here in Rockaway, we live in
a place that is peaceful. Im-
agine being forced out to live in
a refugee camp? I think about
that as the weather is getting
colder. How many blankets
are there to go around? From
our perspective, we have a lot
to be thankful for on a daily
basis. It is all relative so even
when there is hardship, find-
ing some one thing to be grate-
ful for can make a difference.
We can find the silver lining by
acknowledging something that
is so good.
I know from personal ex-
perience that once I started
repeating to myself – think-
ing, saying even – little bits
of gratitude, I felt better in
a big way. The power of
positive grateful thoughts
and sayings uplifts my spir-
it when it is down and for-
tifies it when I am ok. And
knowing that no matter what
is going on, there are always
people/things for which we
can be grateful. Conjuring
up those thank yous helps
you get through the hardship
when it is there.
So make GRATITUDE a part
of your daily life – morning and
night – and you are sure to see
a difference in how you feel
and in how people see you.
May you be grateful. May
you be happy. May you be free.
May you let go of things that do
not serve you. May you have
inner peace.