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Mo s t I n s u r a n c e P l a n s A c c e p t e d – P a r k i n g A v a i l a b l e
115-06 Beach Channe l Dr i ve , Sui te 101, Rockaway Park , NY - 718-474-7744
OPEN 7 Days:
Monday – Friday 9 am – 8 pm
Saturday – Sunday 9 am – 5 pm
Lab Work
Pulmonary Function Testing
Asthma Attacks
Ear Infections
Minor Lacerations
DOT Exams
Ultra-Sounds Available And More
Wa l k - I ns A r e We l come - No Appo i n tmen t s Neces sa r y !
Proudly Serving the Rockaway Community for Over 2 Years
Sadhana Gupta, MD
Zoya Koroleva, DO
Stanislav Kaminyar, DO
Alla Buzinover, DO
it fair.
“And I am talking tax cuts. I am
for fiscal responsibility, but you
would actually increase your tax
base and increase people’s pro-
“Weneeda tax systemthat pro-
motes the creation of jobs. And
we need smarter regulations,
ones that don’t stifle growth but
do protect people.
“There is also a heroin ep-
idemic that’s been totally ig-
nored. If we could educate peo-
ple, treat people, we could turn
that around.”
On immigration he says, “Yes,
we have to build a wall. Sure,
it’s a ‘feel good’. But my analogy
is that if you have a hole in your
boat and water’s pouring in,
you’ve got to plug the hole before
you can do anything else.”
However he does say he feels
there needs to a pathway to cit-
izenship for those already here.
“It’s not necessarily my party’s
position, but it is mine. I know
people who’ve been here 20, 30
years. So let’s say you have a 16
year old kid. This is only life he’s
known. What are you going to
do, kick his door in and send him
back to South America?
“These are good people here
for the most part, trying to build
a life.
“Likewise we have to have
a good education system, un-
der local control, with parents,
teachers and principals make
the decisions, not Washington.
“Small businesses, wheremost
jobs are created, need a good
pool of educated people to work
with. I always say you need to be
able to get on the ladder before
you can go up the ladder.”
O’Reilly especially believes,
“We need term limits. Three
terms, then you are out. If you’re
elected you don’t have any in-
fluence to peddle, because soon
enough you’ll be leaving.
“If anyone gets indicted, we
should not be paying their legal
fees. And they should lose their
pension. No question.
“That would discourage a lot
people from going down that
path, and take a bite out of cor-
And that Mike O’Reilly says
that is why he is running.
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sure I had all the resources I
needed. They provided coun-
seling and gave me the time off
from work so that I could care
for her,” Burke said.
When he learned about
the event last year, Burke
reached out to his friend Jen
Fabry, who was on board
and stepped up as captain
of Team RBNY-18. “We start-
ed our team to honor the 18
FDNY members from Rocka-
way and Breezy who were lost
on 9/11. Our first responders
continue to suffer the phys-
ical and emotional effects of
that day, and these funds are
used for much-needed servic-
es and support for them and
their families,” Fabry said.
Having done the climb last
year with nine team members,
Fabry and Burke say it can be
a rewarding challenge. “We
walked the 110 stories, 2,200
steps to simulate the walk up
the towers those firefighters
climbed in full gear. It was
such a sobering and humbling
experience. Some firefighters
wore full gear on the climb. We
were in regular clothes and in a
no pressure or timed scenario
and it was physically challeng-
ing for our team. It really helps
put things in perspective,”
Burke said. Fabry added, “It’s a
humbling experience to climb
those steps, and we’ll contin-
ue to do it very year. Rockaway
will never forget!”
Registration for the climb
is $35 if you register in ad-
vance at www.nationalstair-
climb.org. You can register
as an individual, form your
own team, or you can join
Team RBNY-18. You can con-
tact John Burke on Facebook
or email him at sluggo2618@
yahoo.com for the direct link
if you’re interested in joining
the team or making a dona-
tion. Day of registration is
also available for $45 starting
at 7:30 a.m. The event starts
with an opening ceremony at
8:40 a.m., the time Flight 11
crashed into the North Tow-
er, and the climb officially
kicks off at 9:07 a.m. All par-
ticipants receive a t-shirt and
access to the after party.
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