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tel rooms, yet gives so little to
fund job programs in the NYC
Parks or Department of San-
itation to keep our parks and
streets clean. Or just put the
able homeless people to work.
Instead of giving DHS the
go ahead to pay Cayuga Cap-
ital, or any hotel for that mat-
ter, nearly $3,000 per room
per month to house home-
less families, perhaps Mayor
de Blasio can simply reroute
our city tax dollars and give
the head of each of the home-
less families a job within NYC
Parks or Sanitation? I'm no
math whiz, but with my sim-
ple calculator on my iPhone,
$3,000 per month comes out
to $18.75 per hour.
Lately we hear the majori-
ty elected officials yap about
"JOBS JOBS JOBS" and "fight
for $15!" How about the fight
for 18.75 per hour for home-
less families?
Why doesn't the City Coun-
cil simply force the Mayor to
put the billions of taxpayer
dollars that we evidently do
have on hand and set up "Jobs
Jobs Jobs" for the homeless
population? Obviously that is
a rhetorical question! The an-
swer is quite clear: Because so
many "non-profits" are mak-
ing millions on the backs of
the homeless population!
Like the saying goes... give
a person a hotel room, house
them for the day! Give a per-
son a job, house them for life!
I am very well aware there
are instances where a job is
not the only answer! And I do
understand homeless women
with children, the mentally
ill, and the senior homeless
population are being failed
by our City. It is quite obvious
we need to bring attention to
their plight as well!
I hope you will join us on
the steps of City Hall on Fri-
day morning at 10 a.m. to
get a message to Mayor de
Blasio and the rest of the
City Council, to stop lining
the pockets of the "poverty
pimps" and start lining the
pockets of the ready, willing
and able homeless popula-
tion, who would most defi-
nitely take a job over a hotel
Art On The Menu At Claudette’s
By Dan Guarino
Expect a splash of art
along with the panko bread-
ed chicken, pulled pork,
fried tilapia, jalapeno-cab-
bage cole slaw and chick-
peas and feta at Cuisine By
Claudette’s on Beach 116th
On Friday, October 28, the
popular eatery and gour-
met food shop will launch
“Landscape,” an exhibition
of art works by Rockaway’s
Thomas Kerr and Long Is-
land artist Ross Barbera.
Both artists will be at the
opening reception from 7
to 10 p.m. at Claudette’s at
143 Beach 116th Street. The
show will be on view at the
restaurant through March 5,
According to Kerr, the
works on paper and can-
vas will feature a selection
based on the theme of land-
scape with a few personal
drawings to round out the
A central part of his por-
tion of the exhibition will
be a number of small scale
watercolors made over the
summer of 2016. “Initially
they began as studies, docu-
menting the sky over the At-
lantic Ocean looking toward
New Jersey, done each day,”
he said.
This selection will also be
featured in the book “Rock-
which will be available for
purchase at the opening.
Artist Ross Barbera is a
Brooklyn native now living
on Long Island. Spending
summers in Upstate New
York he discovered the nat-
ural appeal of landscape
and decided to pursue
that through art. His large
scale works are described
as drawing “the viewer in
through the use of realism,
carefully adapting the color
and composition of each
work to heighten the medi-
tative effect of the work.”
Barbera has exhibited ex-
tensively in New York City,
having had shows at Razor,
OK Harris, and the Jean
Lumbard Gallery. He has
received a National Endow-
ment for the Arts Painting
Fellowship and a New York
State CAPS fellowship in
Painting. His work has won
numerous awards.
da, Kerr has gone native in
Rockaway. He has worked as
an artist and instructor for
three decades in the New
York area. His political il-
lustrations have appeared
in the New York Times, The
Wall Street Journal and Bos-
ton Globe and The Wave
among many others. He has
exhibited at El Taller, UMass
Dartmouth, and the Mu-
seum of the City of NY and
has a solo exhibition slated
September, 2017, at Frost-
burg University. He is also a
former Board member of the
Rockaway Artists Alliance.
Cuisine by Claudette own-
er Claudette Flatow has long
been a supporter of the arts
in Rockaway. Over the past
few years at her establish-
ment she has hosted the
works of artists like Arlene
Cornell, Sherry Calamia,
Liz Smith-Breslin, Eugene
Nichol, Pamela Wyatt, Chris-
tian Legars and Jack Neasrey
and groups like the Brooklyn
Watercolor Society. She was
also part of the Rockaway
Artists Alliance organized
“Rockaway ArtWave” penin-
sula-wide summer long arts
festival last year.
She has also welcomed
performing musicians, po-
ets, comedians and story-
tellers to her shop.
Kerr, Barbera and Fla-
tow are looking forward to
greeting a good crowd for
next Friday’s opening.
Pass the vegetable fritters
and enjoy the art work!
Cayuga Capital
Cayuga Capital (owner of
the Playland Motel) is the
latest company to become
"Poverty Pimps" as they were
called at a recent meeting,
by way of the Department of
Homeless Services (DHS)!
Of course, who can blame
them? They are in the busi-
ness of making money. For
that matter, aren't we all
in the business of making
I like money, you like mon-
ey! So what's the problem?
I work for my money. I go to
work at the end of the week,
I get a paycheck, then pay my
bills on my home. Simple!
Cayuga Capital, we have
now been informed, has a
contract with the Department
of Homeless services. Some
estimates say that Cayuga
Capital will receive over one
hundred dollars per single
room per night and will lease
12 motel rooms.
How is it that Mayor de Bla-
sio, by way of the City taxpayer,
can supply billions of dollars
to pay "homeless" services by
way of DHS to warehouse the
homeless populations in ho-