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If you’re reading this on
Thursday, October 20, consider
this a last minute reminder to
make a visit to PS 114 to hear
about the Army Corps plan to
protect Rockaway from future
storms. The meeting starts at
6 p.m. and reps will be there
until 9. If the plan is adequate,
it should help homeowners
against onerous flood insurance
in the future. In other words,
if Rockaway is protected, the
flood maps should reflect that.
You know what they say
in Rockaway, it’s two steps
it’s three steps back, whatever.
In any case, with the news that
rooms at Playland Motel were
being used to house homeless
there was a countervailing
report in Saturday’s New York
Times. “The Rockaways” were
Number 1. Yep, Number 1 in
the biggest increase in median
home sales price beating out
Murray Hill in Manhattan and
Brooklyn Heights. Howard
Beach, however, ended up in
the down column with prices
falling some 18 percent over a
three month stretch.
We were more than a little
surprised to see a report in
a Queens newspaper that
Democrat and State Senator Joe
Addabbo wants Bill de Blasio
out of City Hall. He came flat-
out and said he won’t support
the current mayor and was
quoted as saying he really hopes
a credible opponent comes
forward. In fact, he said he’d
cross party lines to support Eric
Ulrich if our City Councilman
mayor. Among his gripes, staff
at City Hall won’t even return
his calls. A State Senator,
elected to represent ordinary
people, can’t get a return call?
Addabbo must be pretty angry
if he’s coming out this early to
state his opposition. The re-
election run starts in 2017. It
seems the Mayor has gone from
advocating for the public to
aggravating the public.
And since we mentioned
Eric Ulrich…now’s a good
time to say keep an eye on
this guy. He might just make
things interesting. Now any
Republican running for a
citywide office such as mayor
faces a tough go of it with so
many registered Democrats
in the five boroughs. But Eric
is articulate in a way that Joe
Lhota (the last Repu­b­lican who
ran against de Blasio) wasn't
and he was smart enough to
reject Donald Trump so he
won’t get tarred with that
brush. (Trump trails in city
polling 70-18). Eric hasn’t
declared but the rally he’s
holding at City Hall on Friday is
intended to reach people well
beyond his council district.
Dalton’s closed last weekend
and some diehard fans locked
themselves to the bar with fake
The Oktoberfest at Riis
draws a large crowd on both
days. And boatloads of locals
have fun so we might as well
quibble: how about a cameo by
an oompah band and maybe
have some Bavarian barmaids
selling beer by the stein?
The 116th Street Part­
nership held at mixer at The
Castle aka The Wedding Cake
House last week and had a
great turnout. The merchants
group is looking to expand
well beyond 116th and this
was a great start.
Outdoor places do great in
the summer in Rockaways.
But the challenge comes
when the weather turns.
Well, Bungalow Bar is now
ready to be a year-round hot
spot. The popular spot has
a new heated tent and can
accommodate large groups.
You might not venture
onto the beach these days
but if you do, keep your eyes
open. A humpback whale
was spotted just off shore at
Beach 95th Street on Monday.
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