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The Rockaway Times
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Try Ludwig's Octoberfest Special!
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Sauerbraten * Chicken Ludwig
* Knockwurst/Bratwurst * Black Forest Loin of Pork
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bread, Disposable Plates, Napkins, Forks and Knives.
$295 plus NYS Sales Tax
Serves 20-25 people (Pick-up Only)
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Belle Harbor, NY 718-634-4939
It's not too early to be thinking
about Thanksgiving!
We are taking orders now!
Bob Dylan has been award-
ed the Nobel Prize for Litera-
ture! Now if I put a comma after
“been” it would read differently,
something like this: Bob Dylan
has been, awarded the Nobel
Prize for Literature. Well, I ain’t
looking to criticize you, beat or
cheat or mistreat you, all I really
want todo is baby be friendswith
you. And that my friends are the
words of the Nobel Prize winner.
times (not the Rockaway ones)
are set to begin changing big
time. What do I mean? Well next
month we vote for a new Presi-
dent, and no matter what, it will
be very different than the last
eight years, and filled with firsts
for sure. Nothing means change
like the change of an Executive
Officer, just ask the recent former
CEO at Wells Fargo. And with
that change there will be all sorts
of other changes like Secretary of
State (bye-bye JohnKerry); prob-
ably the SEC (Mary Jo time to go);
andmany other federal agencies.
And with those changes come
changes in policies. Oh boy, here
we go!
And then we will get to vote for
a newmayor next year. I am sure
that just as soon as the presiden-
tial vote is finished, campaigning
will begin for mayor. We all agree
that the current administration
has to go, but who will rise up to
fill the void? That was the prob-
lemon thenational stage too: few
if any, good choices!
On the local level we will lose
Phillip Goldfeder who really
cared about the place he repre-
sented. The guy would return
emails from regular people! Im-
pressive. Hopefully whoever
follows will be as a good a repre-
sentative as Phil was.
I was recently at the New York
Historical Society on the Upper
West Side of Manhattan where
dentialRaces intheU.S. If youhave
never been to this museum, you
shouldconsider visiting it. It is right
across the street fromboth Central
Park and the Museum of Natural
History, and has some great ex-
hibits and art work; in fact, it is the
Yorkbelieve it ornot.
While there I read about the
election between Rutherford B.
Hayes and Samuel Tilden. I was
not familiar with this conten-
tious race, but was fascinated by
it for many reasons. One, Tilden
was Governor of New York, and
he is the namesake of Fort Til-
den right here in Rockaway. Til-
den won the popular vote hands
down, he even won the electoral
vote, 184 to 165, but there were
20 unresolved electoral votes.
It took a newly formed Elector-
al Commission to decide who
should get the unresolved votes
and guess what, they all went
to the virtually unknown Hayes
from Ohio. He won 185 to 184.
As if the Electoral College is not
confusing enough! And mud-
slinging? Yes they had plenty of
that back then too.
Well folks, change is a coming,
hopefully it will be good for the
country and good for Rockaway.
Despite the fact that a candidate
that won the popular vote actu-
ally lost the Presidential election
four times in the history of this
country, get out and vote and
make yours count. So come gath-
er round people wherever you
roam, the times they are a chang-
ing! Vote, it starts with us all!