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The Rockaway Times
Move over Tom Selleck! Much
ado was made about the recent
filming of an episode of the CBS
television drama Blue Bloods in
the Broad Channel and Rockaway
area but as we welcome aboard
Captain Janice Holmes as the new
Commanding Officer of our local
100th Precinct it appears that we
now have an honest to goodness
real liveBlueBloodtocall ourown.
es, grewup inHollis alongwithher
twelve siblings of which four of her
sisters, Selena, Estella, Bernice and
Juanita are also members of the
NewYork’s Finest!
The Broad Channel Volunteer
Fire Department and Ambulance
Corps will conduct their Annu-
al Open House and activities this
weekend Saturday and Sunday,
April 23 and 24 between the hours
of 10 am and 5 pm. This year the
event is being hosted by the Broad
Channel VFW Prince-Wynn Post
#260 on Shad Creek Road. Make
a day of it for yourself and your en-
tire family and meet the men and
women who give so unselfishly
their time to ensure the safety of
our community. In addition to
firefighter drills and vehicle extri-
cation drills there will be refresh-
ments and a BBQ as well as on-
going activities for young children
from 10 am through 4 pm both
And baby makes five! Congrat-
ulations are in order for our local
Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder and
his wife Esther on the recent birth
of their third child. The Broad
Channel Memorial Day Parade
nextmonthmight takea tad longer
than usual to move up Cross Bay
Boulevard as the newly increased
Goldfeder clan will now comprise
their own parade contingent as
they stroll up theboulevard!
On a more serious note, last
monthBroadChannel (17thRoad)
Park was the target of vandalism,
which left the park trashed with
broken liquor bottles, beer cans
and other assorted trash. New
trees that had been planted to re-
place those destroyed by Super
Storm Sandy were also damaged.
Now reports are surfacing that
our 17th Road Park is also serving
as a killing field for the intentional
poisoning of small animals at the
hands of an unknown individual
or individuals. These type inci-
dents of community centered van-
dalism accompanied by evidence
of underage abuse of alcohol and
now animal killings must not be
ignored as they are clear signs that
somethingmay be seriously amiss
inour small townandworse, could
be aprecursor tomore serious and
dangerousbehavior.Thekey toad-
dressing this problem is education
and that tool should be immedi-
ately and vigorously embraced by
all of us in Broad Channel - in our
schools, in our places of worship,
in our civic association meetings,
by our local businesses, in our day
today interactionswithour friends
and neighbors and, most impor-
tantly, in each of our homes with
our respective families.
Unfortunately, sometimes dis-
missed as juvenile pranks, teen
vandalism and animal abuse are
actually criminal offenses pun-
ishable by jail time, a hefty fine
or both. It is our responsibility as
parents to teach our children that
there are consequences associated
withtheiractionsandthat violence
against property or another living
thing, whether human or animal,
is something that isnot onlywrong
but is also behavior that cannot
andwill not be tolerated.
In closing I would be remiss if I
did not take the time to wish our
two beautiful “Irish Twins,” Victo-
riaandAmy, averyhappybirthday
as they respectively turn 20 and 21
this Saturday andSunday.
Broad Channel - why would an-
yonewant to live anywhere else?
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