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The Awning War
A few years back I had board-
walk envy, today I have board-
walk frustration, as many do. I
was once envious of our neigh-
bors to the east of us in Long
Beach, LI. It killed me that they
were walking on their brand
new boardwalk, while we here
on the Rockaway peninsula
were still fighting with former
Mayor Bloomberg to rebuild
the Rockaway boardwalk.
Fast forward to this past
weekend as I rode my bike
along all the open sections of
Phases 1, 2 and 4a. I couldn’t
help but think about my neigh-
bors who have just been dealt
a tough blow with news of a
delay for the completion of
Phase 3, the section of the
Rockaway boardwalk between
Beach 107th and Beach 126th.
A delay we are now told is
caused by the inability for
cranes to operate in winds
greater than 30 miles per hour.
Sadly my frustration stems
from the inadequate commu-
nications from EDC and Parks
with the communities affected.
I’m sure those who actually live
between Beach 108th and 126th
and beyond, whose beach life-
styles have been put on hold,
are feeling more than frustra-
tion. Maybe even downright
anger at a Mayoral administra-
tion that cannot find it in their
hearts to let the residents who
live in the confines of Phase
3 know that there would be a
delay, sooner than they have!
A delay that all the related city
agencies knew the possibility of
months ago!
I know I personally find it
quite odd that there is a delay in
Phase 3 while sections, which
were supposed to complete in
May of 2017, are miraculously
one full year ahead of schedule.
Hmmmmmmmm! Do the
winds not go over 30 miles per
hour east of Beach 107th? Ev-
idently not! I don’t know, is it
me or is it me? Must be me!
If you eat a polar bear liver,
you will die. Humans can’t
handle that much vitamin A.
A mantis shrimp can swing
its claw so fast it boils the
water around it and creates
a flash of light.
James Madison was the
shortest president, standing
at just 5’4”.
Our solar system’s biggest
mountain is on Mars.
in time to the first Moon
landing than to the building
of the Great Pyramid.
Butterflies are cannibals.
A banana is actually a berry.
A strawberry isn’t.
A pencil has the potential to
draw a line 38 miles long.
The largest air force in the
world is the US Air Force.
The second largest air force
in the world is the US Navy.
If a man never cut his beard,
by the time he dies it would
be 30 feet long.
Black HP printer ink costs
roughly 1,400 times as
much as crude oil, gallon for
The last president that wasn’t
a Republican or Democrat
was Millard Fillmore in 1853.
Napoleon was not unusually
short. The French inch was
longer than the British inch,
so while he was thought to
be 5’2” by most of the world,
in reality he was closer to
5’7”, an average height for a
Facts You Probably
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