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The Rockaway Times
Anonymous Anger
Dear Editor:
(Re: Boyleing Points) We all
get you have nothing to write.
Perhaps you can address the
elephant in the room or are
you above that. The watering
hole, known as Rockaway,
needs a correction from the
ground (teenager to adults)
up. Just walk the beach af-
ter any weekend and see the
litter of beer cans and bot-
tles from underage drink-
ing. Have some courage and
write something meaningful
for once. This is not a law
enforcement problem. This
is a community problem.
When will parents and local
editors get their heads out of
the sand. When they need an
attorney or will it be another
young life to Denis O’Connor
Funeral Home. Enclosed you
will find some help for your
next and future editorials.
Front page would be great
but that would take some big
balls. Do you have them?
Perhaps you suffer from fear
of missing them. We all won-
Inspiring young adults to be
better versions of themselves.
All the best,
Coach K
(Editor’s note: The above is
printed printed as written in
response to Boyleing Points.
We’re not sure about the cour-
age part because the letter
was unsigned other than
“Coach K” and there was no
return address on the en-
velope. In any case, let’s be
mindful of the message here.
Drinking and particularly
underage drinking is a prob-
lem that we hope parents and
teachers and the community
as a whole take seriously.)
Boardwalk Delay
Dear Editor:
How can you use wind
as a factor for not hav-
ing the boardwalk done on
time???It’s always windy in
Rockaway!!! I’m a bike rider &
I live in Neponsit I use Rock-
away Beach Blvd (only bike
lane) to travel downtown, the
worst part of the trip is from
126th to 108th which is when
the bike lane is shared with
cars... This is beyond danger-
ous!!! We need our Boardwalk
Marie Fodera
Scam Alert
Dear Editor:
Thank you. I read about com-
puter scam a couple of weeks
ago. But it was too late. So I am
the third victim. This “smart
guy” came back with much
bigger appetite. He wanted
$5000 and,believe me, he was
close to his “great goal.” Final-
ly my brain (or what is left of
it) switched on and I could see
what I was doing.
He later called me again and
asked where was the $5000
that I owed him. I want to go
to the police. I think it will
be much better if all victims
of scam will do it together.
Thank you. I am a resident of
our beloved neighborhood.
Lyudmila Klavtsen
I Love New York
Dear Editor:
(Re: Boyleing Points: New
York Yucks)
Humor is what makes life
worth living. I was teaching an
alternative class in Brooklyn
(don’t ask me what that means,
because I don’t know), and one
of my kids says “sup” to me. My
response: sup? Sup? SUP??? I
say, I’ll tell you Sup. Our break
is over and now we are going to
do some math. He turned to his
friend and said “Who told her?”
Here is another NY story: long
before most people reading this
were born, I saw a man hail a
cab and when the cab didn’t
wait for him, I heard him say
“god damn mayor Lindsay.”
My response: I turned to a
friend of mine, and said “I
love New York.”
Vicky Sabato
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