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Quick Tips for the Summer Ahead
By Artie Wallace
This week I am going to run
through a couple of quick tips
to help you get through the
summer. If you would like me
to cover any of these tips in
more detail, drop me an email
and let me know what you
would like more details on.
The garden:
Tired of always looking for
your pruners, planting shovel
or gardening gloves? Try hang-
ing a mailbox on a fence or
somewhere convenient to your
garden. Mailboxes make great
outdoor toolboxes and shield
the hand tools from the weath-
Extra tables:
Do you need a little extra
table space in the yard when
guests are over? If you have
some old (large) flower pots
with drain trays that you’re
not using (or pick up a few at
garage sales), paint the flower
pot and drain tray (if needed or
desired), then simply place the
drain tray on top of the pot in-
stead of underneath. You’ll in-
stantly have a little table to put
drinks on.
Why spend lots of money on
awnings to shade small are-
as? Anchor two eye hooks into
the house and two to trees (or
poles), run a coated steel cable
from each hook on the house
to each hook on the pole. Buy
a few large, heavy-duty fab-
ric curtains. Run the cables
through the curtains (top and
bottom), then simply slide the
curtain across when you need
shade and back when you want
more sun.
If you like entertaining guests
outside but get tired of haul-
ing everything in and out, this
might be the thing for you. If
you’re lucky enough to have
(or be able to find) one of those
old steel tubs (like an oversized
bucket), then shop around and
find a table that you like the
top of (needs to be a little larg-
er than the opening of the tub).
Take the legs off the table and
finish the top to withstand the
weather. Put the things you’d
like to store outside in the
bucket and place the top on.
Now you have an outdoor cof-
fee table with storage.
Extra lighting:
For those nights of enter-
taining where you need a little
more lighting…Most hardware
stores and discount stores sell
the clamp on lights that use
standard bulbs. You can clip
them to a fence, tree branch,
almost anywhere. When done
entertaining, they are quick
and easy to take down and
store till you need them again.
If you have ideas for future
DIYer articles, email me at
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