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The Rockaway Times
Gallaghers Sets Personal Records
Therese Gallagher, a sen-
ior at Bishop Kearney, placed
third in the New York City
Mayor’s Cup with a personal
record of 10:55.49 in the 3000
meter race. Her sister Jacque-
line Gallagher, also a senior at
Bishop Kearney, placed third
as well with a personal record
of 4:59 in the 1500 meter race.
CROM Students Promoted
On Thursday, April 14 stu-
dents from the Crom Junior
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program
were promoted to their official
BJJ ranks. Students, ranging
from ages 4 to 11 years old,
filled the mats and demon-
strated focus, energy and
enthusiasm. This program,
which is one of the few pro-
grams in all of Queens that
focuses solely on BJJ for chil-
dren, provides the children
with discipline, respect, and
self defense. While many
forms of martial arts rely on
striking as the basic tool to
defend, BJJ uses leverage, grip
and position to subdue and
control an attacker.
The star students included:
Joaquin Olsen, Charlie Luc-
chese, Manny Campos, Eliza-
beth Ambramov, Vivian Ron-
don, Matthew Renda, Mathew
Smith, Brian Kelly, Braden
Murphy, Luke Mundy, Sophia
Millet, Angela Millet, Trip Por-
cella, Payton Duffy, Dylan Tur-
skin, Joseph Esposito, Anthony
Farina, Diana Azizora, Dorina
Azizora, and JD Ciaccia.
Glider News
By John Edwards
Because so many have hon-
ored the memory of our great
friend Kevin Kearney, the Rock-
away Gliders have had a rebirth
these last two years. First with
the Kevin Kearney Classic 5K
we raised over $25,000 for Pan-
creatic Cancer research. Then
we sent Team Kevin to the line
at the NYC Marathon this time
raising over $45,000 for cancer
We also were able to start
two things that I know would
make Kevin extremely happy
and proud. For the first time in
many years we sent men’s and
women’s teams to compete at
the NYRR club team champs.
(Placing 13th & 8th overall).
In partnering with Futures In
Education we organized The
Kevin Kearney Scholarship
Fund. This scholarship will
help two families in need of fi-
nancial help with getting their
children a quality Catholic ed-
So here are our goals for 2016
and we hope you can get in-
volved on some level. First,
The Kevin Kearney Scholar-
ship 5K will be on Friday 7/22
at 7 pm at The Knights of Co-
lumbus. This will be our only
fundraiser for the scholarship
so if you can’t make it please
make a donation. We will have
a donation button on our web-
site when it is updated on 5/1.
Secondly, The Rockaway Glid-
ers will be racing at the NYRR
Healthy Kidney run on 5/14
and all competitive runners
are invited to participate. A
schedule of workouts and rac-
es will be released by 5/1 with
a goal of competing once again
at Club Champs in August. We
thank you for your support and
hope to see you out there.
It’s Time For
Kickin’ It Women’s Kickball
league is going into its 3rd sea-
son. Registration is now open
until May 1st. Information
and registration may be found
online at
Organizers say: We are
moms, wives, daughters, and
sisters who love to play kick-
ball! Work and family can
sometimes be very demand-
This league is for those la-
dies who just need to final-
ly put themselves first, have
some fun, make new friends,
laugh and be a part of some-
thing really special.
Therese Gallagher (right)
Jacqueline Gallagher (right)