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The Rockaway Times
The Lazer Speaks
By Lou Pastina
I recently took a couple of
walks that really highlighted
the history of New York City.
The first was a stroll in the
West Village. Walking down
West 13
Street to Hudson
Street, I made a right on Jane
Street and headed toward the
Hudson. I got to experience
the late afternoon sun reflect-
ing off the Hudson between the
sheltering Bradford Pear trees
stretching to meet each other.
Jane Street is lined with homes
from as early as 1820, gorgeous
two and three story red brick
buildings reminding one of a
different era of New York. At
that time Thomas Jefferson and
John Adams were still alive!
James Monroe was President of
the United States. The cobble-
stoned streets give the whole
area an air of history. At the end
of the walk is the Jane Hotel,
built in the early 1900’s, there
is a restaurant on one side fac-
ing the river, and on the other is
one of the coolest lounges in the
West Village. Soaring ceilings,
wood beams, fireplace, a great
place to end an afternoon with
a glass of the best red wine you
can find.
Similar in nature, but on
the other side of the East Riv-
er is Brooklyn Heights. Settled
by the Dutch in the 1600’s the
farmlands were replaced by
the same two and three sto-
ry red-faced buildings you see
in the West Village, accompa-
nied by the same cobblestone.
The feel here in late afternoon
as the sun settles behind Man-
hattan is magical. A stroll along
the promenade provides beau-
tiful views of Manhattan, but
also is a reminder that this is
the spot where Washington left
Brooklyn after deciding it was
better to flee than get crushed
by the British. At the foot of
Court Street, under the Brook-
lyn Bridge, Robert Fulton op-
erated his steam engines across
the East River. And at the foot
of Montague and Court Streets,
at the old Brooklyn Dodger
headquarters, there is a plaque
that honors the signing of Jack-
ie Robinson by the Brooklyn
Dodgers and Branch Rickey.
When it’s time to grab dinner,
head toMontague Street toward
the promenade, to a brand new
place called Friend of the Farm-
er. It is marvelously decorated,
with great food to boot. When
you’ve finished there, stroll
down Henry Street to Jorale-
momStreet, turn right and head
toward the river. When you get
to Willow Place make a left and
walk into a time warp.The street
and the whole area are filled
with pre-civil war homes, some
dating back to 1817. Brooklyn
Heights has the largest concen-
tration of pre-civil war homes in
the country.
It’s easy to forget sometimes
that we live in this great city
filled with so much history. The
beach is a great place to live, but
we live in one of the greatest
cities in the world. It’s all out
there just waiting to be expe-
rienced. Go out and it see it!!
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