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The Rockaway Times
Happy Passover to those cele-
Flood insurance alert. In a
The House Financial Services
Committee passed the
Flood In-
surance Market Parity and Mo-
dernization Act
which can now go
to the full congress for a vote. The
act is expected to entice private
insurers to offer flood insurance
andwithmore companies writing
policies there should be more
competitive pricing. Until now,
lenders (banks and mortgage
companies) have demanded
homeownerscarrypolicies issued
by the National Flood Insurance
Program, which is now$23 billion
in the hole. It’s got support from
diverse groups including The
National Association of Realtors,
environmental groups, taxpayer
Dan Guarino, part of an award
winning editorial team a couple
years back, has been let go by
The Wave. He wrote the Broad
Channel Bits and Pieces column
and was a presence at a million
events. He posted the news of his
firing on Facebook so that people
who relied on him would know
why he was no longer with the
paper. And he asked that people
spread the word to those who
don’t useFacebook. Here’shoping
Danfinds this tobe anopportunity
rather than a setback.
Looks like he knows how to
upstage the old man. Congra-
tulations to Phil Goldfeder and
his wife, Esther, on the birth of
their son born April 14, a day
before Phil’s birthday.
The fix must’ve been in. Some-
how The Rockaway Times’ entry
in the Chili Cook-off Contest at the
Knights of Columbus last Friday did
not win. KatieMcFadden, too busy
winning awards at The New York
Press Better Newspaper contest,
concocted our entry and came up
empty. But she didn’t care. She
won the night’s 50/50 and donated
$100 back. The event was a huge
success. Congrats to organizers and
The deadline for the Rockaway
We received hundreds of entries so
that’s a big WOW and thanks from
us. It’ll takea fewweeks for judges to
pickwinners. Stay tuned.
TheWall Street Journal dida story
about the coming development of
Edgemere. The blocks of the Beach
40’s, with so many vacant lots, are
ripe for an overhaul and the City
allegedly is ready topour bigmoney
into the area. For people who live
there and hope for more shops,
they’ve been told that development
will require more “density.” That’s
city talk for housing.
Crime Dog Dougie MacLeod,
who gets to the scene sometimes
before police, is soon to make
it legal with Michelle Comins.
Congratulations to Dougie and
Michelle on their engagement.
Tick….tick…tick…. Hello Natio-
nal Grid, are you really going to fix
BeachChannel Drive byMemorial
Day? You haven’t subcontracted
to Skanska, have you? The wind
isn’t slowing you down, we hope.
Reports say Mike Scala might
run for Councilman Eric Ulrich’s
seat. Scala challenged Gregory
Meeks for a congressional seat a
few years back. This time around,
the Democrat and First Vice
President of the Queens Public
Transit Committee (the group
trying to get the Queens Rail on
track) is eyeing the City Council
especially if Ulrich decides not to
run (or runs for mayor) in 2017.
The FDNY Bravest will battle
the New York Corrections De-
partment Boldest in a football
game at Aviator Sports inBrooklyn
on Saturday, April 23 at 7 p.m. It’s
$10 for adults, free for kids, and
should be a good time for all.
Need a Mother’s Day gift? Next
Thursday, April 28, from 6-9 p.m.,
there is a spring shopping night
at the Bungalow Bat. Check out
available items from local vendors
and get a complimentary glass of
wine while you shop.
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