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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
came across Dick Marek, who
had edited
Silence of the Lambs
Marek worked his magic, mark-
ing up O’Callaghan’s work with
lots of red ink, and told him that
if he followed his advice, the
book would be ready to be sent
to publishers within a year. “It
took a year and three months,”
O’Callaghan said. “I made the
corrections and sent it back to
Marek and he said it’s ready and
he gave me a list of publishers.
I sent it to 12 publishers and
got 11 nos. They said it was too
dark.” O’Callaghan finally got a
yes from Michaela Hamilton of
Kensington Books.
At the request of the pub-
lisher, O’Callaghan spent more
time editing but in 2006 his hard
work paid off when
Bone Thief
was published. “They printed
100,000 copies and it sold very
well. They sold the rights to that
book to six countries where it
was translated, including Ger-
many, Italy, Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Indonesia and China.
Just a year later, O’Callaghan’s
thrilling sequel,
The Screaming
, was published in 2007.
O’Callaghan’s novels follow
NYPD Lieutenant John Dri-
scoll as he works to solve a se-
ries of gruesome murders. In
true thriller fashion, the readers
know who the killers are early
on, but it’s up to Lt. Driscoll,
his work partner and potential
love interest, Margaret Aligante
and Detective Cedric Thomlin-
son to crack the case and bring
the killers to justice.
Bone Thief
features a crazed killer named
Colm, who particularly targets
women that he lures to certain
locations, kills in gruesome
ways and takes the bones of his
victims as trophies.
The Scream-
ing Room
features teenage sib-
lings who go on a murder spree,
targeting pedophiles and child
abusers, by luring them to var-
ious tourist attractions around
New York City.
Localsmay findO’Callaghan’s
works to be particularly intrigu-
ing as some scenes are set in
familiar locations. The book’s
main character, Lt. Driscoll
lives in Breezy Point, which is
renamed Toliver’s Point in
and he frequents Sulli-
van’s Tavern, inspired by Ken-
nedy’s. If you didn’t think Kings
Plaza was scary enough, O’Cal-
laghan’s book may encourage
you to head out to Long Island
instead for your next shopping
Bone Thief
also makes
mentions of Rockaway and
even features a gruesome mur-
der scene that might make you
think twice about walking on
the boardwalk.
It has been nearly a decade
since O’Callaghan published
The Screaming Room
, but he’s
currently working on the third
book in his Lt. Driscoll series.
What’s the holdup? “I’m wait-
ing for the city to finish the
boardwalk so I have a place
to put the bodies,” he joked.
O’Callaghan says he expected
to finish the book much soon-
er, but as he was writing, an-
other author came out with a
book featuring the same meth-
od of murder. “I was halfway
through my book but I put the
pen down for a while after that,”
O’Callaghan said. Then Sandy
hit, which put the book further
on the backburner, but he has
recently gone back to work on
continuing the story of Lt. Dri-
scoll on a brand new case fea-
turing a killer named Tilden.
The new book will feature some
scenes inspired by Hurricane
Sandy and makes mention of
factual events, like the hun-
dreds of homes that burned
down around the peninsula.
O’Callaghan expects to submit
the third book to publishers
in 2017 and he plans to have
it published as
. He
also already has plans for a 4th
O’Callaghan is a member of
the Mystery Writers of America
and the International Thriller
Writers Association. He hopes
to see his books come to life on
the big screen one day. When
he’s not busy creating hair-rais-
ing thrillers, O’Callaghan can be
found on the beach, spending
time with his wife, Eileen, his
daughter, Kelli and his grand-
daughter, Kristin.
His books can be purchased on
Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.
com for more info.
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