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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
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MAY 26
Lloyd Carroll was born.
Thomas Carroll was born.
Felicia Johnson was born.
1959 - Pittsburgh Pirates’ Harvey
Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings
against the Milwaukee Braves
before losing, 1–0, in the 13th.
1977 - George Willig, “the human
fly,” scaled theWorld Trade Center.
It tookWillig three and a half hours
to make the climb.
MAY 27
Kevin Kelleher was born.
Nadia Murphy was born.
Charlie Zurheide was born.
Kerin Kalisak was born.
Wil Hurley was born.
1937 - Golden Gate Bridge in San
Francisco opened.
MAY 28
Patricia O’Hara was born.
1957 - Baseball owners voted
to allow the Brooklyn Dodgers
and New York Giants to move to
Los Angeles and San Francisco,
MAY 29
1790 - Rhode Island became the
13th state in the United States,
the last of the original colonies to
ratify the Constitution.
1953 - Edmund Hillary and
Tenzing Norgay became the first
to reach the summit of Mount
MAY 30
John Manning was born.
Deirdre Cori O’Donoghue was
Sean Carroll was born.
1431 - Joan of Arc was burned at
the stake as a heretic.
1911 - The first Indianapolis 500
was won by Ray Harroun.
MAY 31
Alison Boyle was born.
Lynn Olsen-Pagano was born.
1962 - Former Gestapo official
Adolf Eichmann was hanged in
Alex Karinsky was born.
1938 - The first issue of Action
Comics, featuring Superman, was
1968 - Helen Keller, blind and deaf
author-lecturer, died.
1980 - Cable News Network
(CNN) debuted.
This Week in History
The Veterans of Foreign Wars
of the United States was the first
veteran organization to pro-
mote a nationally organized
campaign for the annual distri-
bution of poppies assembled by
American disabled and needy
veterans. In 1924, the VFW pat-
ented the name “Buddy Poppy”
for their version of the artificial
flower. The sale of Buddy Pop-
pies represents no profit to any
VFW post. All the money do-
nated by the public for Buddy
Poppies is used in the cause of
veteran’s welfare.
Following the 1924 sale, the
VFW believed it would stimulate
local sales if the poppies they
used were assembled by disabled
veterans in hospitals within their
own jurisdiction. The 1924 en-
campment of the VFW at Atlantic
City granted this privilege, under
the provision that all poppies
would be produced according
to specifications set forth by the
National Buddy Poppy Commit-
tee, and that all poppies would be
assembled by disabled veterans
in government hospitals and by
needy veterans in workshops su-
pervised by the VFW.
Around the same year, the
adopted the poppy as the organ-
ization’s memorial flower and
pledged its use to benefit our ser-
vicemen and their families. To-
day, the poppy continues to pro-
vide a financial and therapeutic
benefit to those hospitalized and
disabled veterans who construct
them, as well as benefiting thou-
sands of other veterans and their
Pleasemake it apoint to spend
a few moments of your time to
walk up to Cross Bay Boulevard
to view the parade this Sunday
to show your support for our
veterans and to express your
appreciation for those veterans
that have sacrificed their lives
for our freedom.
After the parade all of you
are invited to the VFW Post on
Shad Creek Road for a BBQ and
a chance to greet and thank
our men and women who have
served us so well and to remem-
ber those who have made the ul-
timate sacrifice so that they may
not be forgotten.
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