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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
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The Awning War
Andrew Jackson opposed paper
currency. Henowappears on the
$20 bill.
Though regarded as a "perfect
document," the United States
Constitution contains many
spelling and grammatical er-
rors. Just ask the delegate from
The Flintstones was the most
profitable network cartoon fran-
chise for 30 years before being
unseated byThe Simpsons.
The first American Football
cheerleaders were male. It's only
after WWII that females became
the standard.
Roman general Marcus Crassus
created Rome's first firefighting
crew with a team of 500 men.
His team would respond to a
fire, and then Crassus would
force the owner of the burning
building to sell him the property
at anexorbitantly lowprice, or let
it burn to the ground.
Steve Carell never watchedmore
than 10 minutes of the original
Office, for fear of copying Ricky
Gervais' character.
Plants make caffeine to defend
Caffeine is toxic to birds, dogs,
cats, and it has a pronounced
adverse effect on mollusks,
various insects, and spiders.
The number of vasectomies
during March Madness goes up
50+% because men schedule
the procedure during that time
so they can sit around and
watch basketball for days during
Aerosmith earned more money
from Guitar Hero than from any
of their albums.
Despite it calling itself the
“Sunshine State” Florida is not
the sunniest state. Arizona is the
sunniest followed by Nevada.
Canada consumes the most
doughnuts and has the most
doughnut shops per capita of
any country in the world.
(These facts are delivered
weekly by Sean McVeigh. We
don’t verify the facts but we like
reading them!)
Facts You Probably Don’t Need
Sean McVeigh who supplies
the Rockaway Times with the
widely enjoyed Facts You Prob-
ably Don’t Need column each
week graduated from LeMoyne
College on Sunday.
Way to go, Sean!
Surfers Present;
BeachNot SoMuch
On Monday morning surfers
were out in force enjoying solid
wavesbut somethingseemedtobe
missing. Yes, the beach! As hur-
ricane season approaches there
is scant evidence that a beach re-
plenishment ever occurred.