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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
Middle Name
So it’s without a doubt that
needs a middle name. And
that should be EROSION.
With the most recent stories
talking about the amount of
erosion uptown and us surf-
ers and residents noting the
amount of sand continually
disappearing in the 90’s area,
it was on a recent reconnais-
sance surf check downtown
in the 30’s that got me gob-
smacked. There was at least a
20-30 foot escarpment look-
ing east and west of Beach
36th St. If you wanted beach
access, bring a parachute to
get down.
Many years ago with the on-
going debate how the Associ-
ation of Professional Surfers
(ASP) World Championship
Tour (WCT) could do some
improving, it was then that
rumors spread about Kelly
Slater’s (11x World champi-
on) involvement with a group
called ZoSea. Well, histo-
ry would tell you that ZoSea
ended up taking over the ASP
& WCT calling themselves
World Surf League Holdings
and branding the WCT as the
This all doesn’t seem sig-
nificant except for a fact
that back in those days there
was a rumor that Kelly Slat-
er was working on a man-
made wave, with his eventu-
al hopes that his man made
wave design would eventual-
ly be a contest amongst the
What just dropped this
week in a huge announce-
ment was that WSL Holdings
just bought the lion’s share
of the Kelly Slater Wave Com-
pany. If you haven’t seen this
wave that Kelly designed and
it’s subsequent videos that al-
most broke the internet then
you’re in for a shock. It has to
be the most perfectly formed
wave that is imaginable for a
surfer. Do yourself a favor, if
you haven’t seen it, and goog-
le “Kelly’s wave.”
Back to the Erosion. Be-
cause of the sand dumping
and subsequent erosion, we
have extraordinary set ups for
sand bars, which in my opin-
ion are dangerous at shallow
tides, especially for kids as the
waves are dumping very hard
in the shallow banks. Take ex-
tra precaution with the kids
and try not to land head first
during your wipe out, I know
a few people who’ve fractured
their necks surfing Rockaway.
Have a great holiday week-
end and get your surf on!