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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
Mo s t I n s u r a n c e P l a n s A c c e p t e d – P a r k i n g A v a i l a b l e
115-06 Beach Channe l Dr i ve , Sui te 101, Rockaway Park , NY - 718-474-7744
OPEN 7 Days:
Monday – Friday 9 am – 8 pm
Saturday – Sunday 9 am – 5 pm
Lab Work
Pulmonary Function Testing
Asthma Attacks
Ear Infections
Minor Lacerations
DOT Exams
Ultra-Sounds Available And More
Wa l k - I ns A r e We l come - No Appo i n tmen t s Neces sa r y !
Proudly Serving the Rockaway Community for Over 2 Years
Sadhana Gupta, MD
Zoya Koroleva, DO
Stanislav Kaminyar, DO
Alla Buzinover, DO
Garden Center Grows in Broad Channel
By Katie McFadden
Now that spring is in its prime,
it’s safe to plant your garden
for the season! Luckily, a gar-
den center has been growing in
Broad Channel for the past year,
which offers everything you
need. Whether you’re an expe-
rienced gardener or a first-tim-
er looking to give it a try, Lisena
Garden Center & Nursery can
offer expert advice, plus the
products and plants you need to
create your dream garden.
The Lisena family knows
landscaping. After all, they’ve
been in the business for more
than 40 years. Lisena Landscap-
ing started in 1975 by Giuseppe
Lisena, who had arrived from
Italy just three years earlier, and
the business has remained in
the family since. Lisena Land-
scaping’s headquarters are lo-
cated Ozone Park. The full-ser-
vice company, owned by Freddy
Lisena, offers landscape design,
installation and maintenance.
In April 2015, Lisena planted a
seed in Broad Channel with its
first retail space.
At Lisena Garden Center, lo-
cated at 125 Crossbay Boulevard
by the Broad Channel Athletic
Club, you’ll find whatever it is
you need to plant your garden
or spruce up your backyard.
The Garden Center offers a wide
range of live plant materials in-
cluding flowering annuals and
perennials, shrubs, trees, fruits,
vegetables, herbs, plus organic
fertilizers, soils and mulches,
gardening tools, synthetic grass
and things like pumpkins for
the fall and Christmas trees in
the winter. They also offer de-
sign consultations with design-
er Margaret Fox-Johnson, who
works with clients in store or
on-site to help develop a per-
fect garden plan. Most impor-
tantly, Lisena Garden Center
offers great customer service.
“We pride ourselves on the cus-
tomer service aspect. We really
try to make the center a place
where people can visit and we
can provide as much informa-
tion as needed on picking out
plants, caring for them and how
certain items will work in their
landscape,” Manager Fernando
Morales, said. “We know there’s
a lot of other nearby places that
people can go to get plants, even
at supermarkets, but they’re not
showing the care and attention
that we are and we offer high
quality products.”
Even though Lisena Garden
Center may be new to Broad
Channel, Lisena’s presence is
not. Lisena helped redo the
Broad Channel Athletic Club’s
field for the first time in 2002.
They then came back to expand
and tune up the area in 2006. At
the end of 2014, the BCAC once
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