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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
Keep Your Balance
By Paulette Mancuso
“Life is like a bicycle. You
have to move forward so as not
to lose your balance.” – Albert
While shopping in one of our
local gift shops, I saw this quote
displayed and was struck by
it. It is so, so true. We are out
of balance when we’re stuck in
some thinking, or laden with
some strong negative feeling, or
overwhelmed by some occur-
rence. It’s almost as if we be-
come inert and then not in bal-
ance in mind, body and spirit.
Because there are many, many
bumps in the road of life, to a
certain extent we have to be out
of balance sometimes, but, just
as we can linger a moment or
two with two feet on the pedals
of the bicycle, we should linger
just a moment or two (relatively
speaking) in these times of im-
Easier said than done.
Then, I was traveling back
from a work day trip and in the
airport and on the plane I en-
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countered a blind man with his
guide dog. We exchanged a few
words and since he was sitting
behind me across the aisle, I
was able to hear his conversa-
tion with the stranger next to
him and observe his beauti-
ful dog. I was absolutely over-
whelmed by his spirit. He was
open and laughing and sharing
and light and happy and genu-
I had the extreme pleasure of
walking with him and his dog
to the pick-up area and waited
with him while the car service
came. There he told me that he
became blind 10 years ago – 42
years old. He told me that be-
coming blind was the best thing
that ever happened to him. I
couldn’t believe my ears. When
I first saw him and the dog, my
heart went out in sadness. By
the time I left him I felt that
there is nothing sad about him
and his predicament: he is one
of the most happy and centered
individuals I know.
He founded an organization
called “My Blind Spot.” The
mission statement: to pro-
vide access to everything for
all people with disabilities
(paraphrased). And he travels
through airports and trains and
whatever to fulfill the mission.
Pretty remarkable.
Coming back to the notion
of moving forward, what was
inside of him to make him con-
vert such a hardship to such a
seemingly easeful existence?
What was inside of him to make
him push forward on the front
pedal and not linger too long?
Knowing that he did makes me
think that we have the inner ‘in-
spiration” and power to move
forward at all times. And that is
I urge you to take a moment
to think about his predicament
and what throws you for a loop
at times. Some things are per-
manent and will be with us for
the duration of our lives, some
things are temporary. Whatev-
er the situation is, we can only
hover for a moment or two be-
fore we lose our balance.
May you be happy. May you
be free. May you be grateful.
May you let go of things that do
not serve you. May you have in-
ner peace.