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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
again reached out to Lisena to
inquire about services for field
maintenance. “That got us here
looking at this area. Someone
had tried to do a garden center
at this location before, so the
location was already gated off,
so we figured why don’t we give
this a shot?” Morales said. “Re-
tail was something we thought
about doing in the future. We
didn’t realize it would happen
this soon with the opportunity
at the BCAC, but we took it and
we’re seeing where it takes us.”
Since it opened, Lisena Gar-
den Center has not only served
the community, but it has also
given back to it through various
beautification projects. “For the
second year in a row, I planted
the ‘Welcome to Broad Chan-
nel’ sign by the bridge,” Morales
said, adding that Lisena donat-
ed the material and service for
this project. They also beautified
the center median in front of the
BCAC on Crossbay Boulevard.
“When you’re coming from the
north, this is the entrance to the
town, so we want to make it as
pretty as possible,” Morales said.
Lisena has also teamed up with
the Broad Channel Beautifica-
tion Committee and has donat-
edproducts that wereusedalong
othermedians on the boulevard.
Morales said that Sophia Skeans
of the Rockaway Artists Alliance
also reached out to them. Lise-
na helped fix up the area around
the T7 building in Fort Tilden
and provided centerpieces and
party favors at the RAA’s annu-
al gala and will be working with
the RAA on future projects. “We
donate our time and materi-
al just to help the whole com-
munity bounce back and get it
going,” he said. “We’re not just
here setting up shop. We never
had much of a presence here
since we work more northward,
so we’re trying to get out there
and meet new people and show
them that we do care about the
community. It’s important to
take pride in where you live and
Morales says business has
been good for the first year.
“It’s good and getting better. It
makes me happy to see custom-
ers returning and saying that
everything they bought last year
did well. We’ve been putting in
a lot of hard work and it’s good
to hear good feedback so we can
keep improving,” he said. Mo-
rales says there are plans to en-
gage in even more projects in the
future, such as a garden project
with the BCAC’s summer camp
and they’re open to working with
other community groups as well.
Recently a Farmer’s Market has
come to the area, which com-
plements the garden center. The
Farmer’s Market offers produce,
baked goods, honey and more
and will set up near the BCAC
and Lisena every Saturday.
Lisena Garden Center is locat-
ed right by the BCAC. Parking is
available in the lot. They’re open
from spring until Christmastime.
The current springhours are 9a.m.
to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday,
8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and
8 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. Call
718-607-5413 or check out lisenal- for more info.
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