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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
Most residents of Belle Har-
bor go to the beach around
12 pm and the beach stays
crowded till about 3:30 pm, so
why be a ME-ster?
Why can’t you set up your
circle at the beginning of the
day at the same location you
end up sitting in at the end of
the day in a fairly tight circle.
For those 3-4 hours, can’t you
be a little more considerate of
your neighbors? How about
setting up the games you like
to play towards the back of
the beach (and just think of
how much better that drink
will taste by walking the extra
30 feet)?
Most people in Belle Har-
bor are very considerate of
their neighbors-- almost to a
fault. This past summer there
was a volleyball tournament
on Beach 131-132nd street.
The beach was packed and
for the most part if you did
not turn around while sitting
on the beach you would not
know that they were there.
The volume of the music was
low ‘til the late afternoon.
In the back of the beach at
Beach 131st there is a young
bible study group that sits in
a circle. Again, if you did not
turn around you would not
know they are there. Between
Beach 132nd and 133st there
is a large group of mothers
with young children who sit
in a fairly large circle, but
who go out of their way to
not interfere with any of their
I have lived long enough in
Belle Harbor to see some of
the same people who used to
play at the beach now show
up visiting their parents with
their young children. So, on a
crowded beach day, if we have
to sit a little closer together for
3-4 hours-- so what. But, to
claim beach space early in the
day, thereby depriving others
from sitting at the shoreline
is, at best, inconsiderate.
I do hope everyone thinks
before taking any of the above
mentioned actions in order
for everyone to enjoy our
beautiful beaches.
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Slow Cooker Corned
Beef and Cabbage
By Sharon Feldman
I like this dish served with
horseradish. Used jarred or
use horseradish sauce. Both
give it a different
Serves: 3-4
1 tablespoon vege-
table oil
2 cups chopped on-
ions (2 large)
2 large garlic cloves,
finely chopped
4 cups sliced cabbage
3 cups sliced red potatoes
1 carton (32 ounces) low sodi-
um chicken broth (or use your
2 cups water
2 dried bay leaves
1/3 cup fresh chopped parsley
½ teaspoon pepper
1 corned beef brisket (3-1/2
Spray 6-7 quart slow cooker
withcookingspray. Ina12”non-
stick skillet, heat oil overmedium
high heat. Cook onions and gar-
lic in oil 5 minutes, stirring occa-
sionally, until softened.
Add cabbage. Cook 2-3
minutes until slightly
wilted. Spoon mixture
into slowcooker.
Add potatoes, broth,
water, bay leaves, 1/3
cup parsley and the
pepper to the slow
Remove beef from slow cook-
er. Let cool as it is easier to
slice. Discard bay leaves.
By ArtieWallace
Most everyone has an old crate
lying around filled with junk, but
didyouever stopand think about
what else old crates can be used
There are many things you can
make using old crates, we’re go-
ing to focus on making a coffee
1- Start off with four crates of
the same size. Sand all sides to
remove unwantedmarks.
2- Screw the crates together so
the face of one meets the side of
the other (see photo). Be sure
screws are long enough to secure
the crates together, and short
enough to not come through
leaving sharp points.
3- Depending on the size of
your crates, you may have a
space in the center. If so, using 1
by 2’s cut four pieces to frame the
center for a shelf. Frominside the
crate, screw your 1 by 2’s framing
in the center space, about two
inches fromthe top surface.Then
cut a piece of plywood (½ inch of
thicker) to make a shelf and se-
cure to the frame from the top.
4- Turning your coffee table
over, cut a piece of plywood (½
inch or thicker) to cover the bot-
tomleaving about one inchof the
crates uncovered on all sides.
5- Put four wheels on the ply-
wood each about two inches in
from the corners and secure the
crates to the plywood.
6- Turn your coffee table right
side up and stain to desired color
and let dry thoroughly.
7- Using a brush on Lacquer,
apply three coats (allowing to ful-
ly dry between coats).
8- Enjoy entertaining guests
around your new coffee table.
Other thingsyoucanmakewith
old crates are floating shelves,
stacked shelves, seats with stor-
age, end tables andmore.
If you would like to see future
projects using old crates, let me
know what you like by emailing
me at
Create with
By Emil R. Lucev, Sr. & his daugh-
ter Katie Lucev
A very young Thomas Mi-
chael Lucev, my Grand-
son, is shown learning the
fine art of beachcombing!
Together we walked the
beach for blocks and blocks
gathering many kinds of
shells and crab claws which
Tom called, “The Pinchie
Tom was born on May 21,
1996, and is celebrating his
20th Birthday this year.