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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
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call 311 or visit today.
Department of
Social Services
Fun, Family-Friendly Ideas For
Whether it’s the warm weath-
er, our country’s birthday or just
because school’s out -- summer
is the perfect time to celebrate.
From Memorial Day to Labor
Day, families have the opportu-
nity toheadoutdoors toenjoy the
spirited season with all-Ameri-
can food, fireworks and fun.
Here are some family-friend-
ly ideas for a positively patriotic
Picnics and Parties : What’s
more festive than gathering
friends and family for a sum-
mer picnic in your backyard or
a local park? A summer soiree,
complete with food, décor and
entertainment, can be done
simply. Starting with the menu,
in-season fruits from your local
famer’s market, like strawberries
and blueberries, add patriotic
pizazz and fresh flavors to pic-
nic-style snacks. Andwhocanre-
sist American barbecue favorites
like hot dogs and hamburgers to
round out a delicious day?
No party is complete without
decorations. Instead of store-
bought décor, tap into kids’
creativity and keep them busy
with handmade crafts. Make a
bold banner for the backyard, a
wreath for the front door, a play-
ful pinwheel or a celebratory top
hat for extra flare. Duck Tape is
the perfect medium for this type
of crafting. It’s available in over
250 colors and designs, includ-
ing red, white and blue, as well
as its U.S. Flag print and other
patriotic designs.
Once guests have arrived,
keep them entertained with
pre-planned games and activ-
ities. Turn on the sprinklers to
cool down; or have kids decorate
bikes, trikes or scooters for an
impromptu parade around the
Want to enjoy the experience
without being a host? Find a fes-
tival instead.There aremany op-
tions around the country -- but
for a truly star-studded celebra-
tion, check out this year’s Amer-
icana-themed 13th Annual Avon
Heritage Duck Tape Festival dur-
ing Father’s Day weekend.
Located in Avon, Ohio, this
special event features a variety of
opportunities to celebrate your
pride for the USA -- from a one-
of-a-kind parade and life-sized
patriotic Duck Tape sculptures
to hands-on arts and crafts.
There’s also an opportunity to
participate in a special fashion
show where you can show off
your crafting talents, and pride,
by modeling outfits made from
the sticky stuff. Of course, there
are also all-American food fa-
vorites, rides, family-friendly
games, live entertainment and
more -- for a stars and stripes
spectacle the whole family can
HistoricalHappenings: School
may be out for the summer, but
that doesn’t mean learning has
to stop. Embrace our nation’s
heritage by visiting locations
with patriotic significance. It’s
a great opportunity to educate
yourself, and the kids, on the im-
portance of our nation’s begin-
Check with your local histor-
ical society for nearby historical
sites, museums, memorial and
monuments, or pack up the car
and take a patriotic road trip.
Spend some time in our nation’s
capital to pay respects to fallen
soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial, tour Yorktown Bat-
tlefield at Colonial National His-
torical Park in Virginia, or honor
Lady Liberty in New York City.
Wherever you land, it’s clear that
our country has a rich history of
which to be proud.
From patriotic parties and
family-friendly festivals tomem-
orable, meaningful moments,
this summer, show off your love
for the red, white and blue.
Planning a
Summer Road
Trip? Pack
These Tips
the country will be hitting
the road for a well-deserved
summer vacation.
Summer is the perfect time
to say goodbye to airport
lines and hello to the great
American road trip.
Whether you’re headed
camping in a national park,
or visiting family or friends
in another city, these tips
can help you save money and
reduce stress while trave-
ling America’s highways and
country roads.
Travel Off-Peak
Savvy planning can help
you avoid crowds on the road
and at the destinations you
visit. For example, hitting
the road mid-week after the
morning rush hour can help
you get a great head start on
your travels.
Visit attractions on unpop-
ular days of the week to avoid
long lines and annoying sur-
charges. Many attractions
and hotels charge extra fees
on popular travel weekends,
like holidays.
This is an especially good
year to consider a midweek
visit to a national park. With
the National Park Service
celebrating its centennial
this summer, look for special
events at parks across the US!
Save on Fuel. Whether
you’re driving a motorcycle
or minivan, tuning up your
vehicle before hitting the
road can be a smart way to
ensure optimal performance
and fuel efficiency.
Also, take advantage of fuel
savings opportunities. For in-
stance, using an ExxonMobil
Smart Card helps drivers save
on their fuel expenses. New
customers who apply from
May 1 to July 31 will save 12
cents on every gallon of fuel
for the first two months after
the account is opened. After
that, they will enjoy ongoing
savings of six cents off every
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