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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2016
The Rockaway Times
Season’s First DFD
(Down For the Day)
This cute little guy
was spotted by our
own Katie McFad-
den who snapped
these pics of this seal
as he lounged on the
sand at Beach 110th
Street last Saturday.
Health of such crea-
tures is always a con-
cern but we checked
with the Riverhead
Foundation which
monitors marine
life and they said
the seal, which
is a greyseal, ap-
peared to be in
good shape and
had been seen
along the beach
as it made its way
These photos and
a video of the seal
waving and stretch-
ing were quite the
reaching more than
a hundred thousand
As a reminder,
seals are wild crea-
tures and should
not be petted or fed.
Please keep a safe
distance away.