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The Rockaway Times
May 8, 2016
Celebrate our most cherished ladies as we soak up the calming
sights of Jamaica Bay. Feast on an assortment of delicious
foods, create special keepsake moments, while serenading our
treasured guests with your personally dedicated songs!!!
Accepting 30 song dedications, via phone by 5/1.
Reservations Required
Adults $65
Children $30 (5-12 yrs. old)
Toddlers FREE
On April 20th, 2016, the City
Council voted on legislation
making defibrillators availa-
ble to youth baseball teams
and requiring defibrillators at
games and practices. Out of
the 51 total NYC council mem-
bers, 46 voted in favor of the
legislation with four absten-
tions and one member out on
medical leave.
This local law, sponsored
by Council Members Steven
Matteo and Corey Johnson,
will require the City to pro-
vide automated external de-
fibrillators (AEDs) to youth
baseball leagues playing
on City-owned land at no
cost. It would also require
the City to provide training
in the use of the AEDs at no
cost to coaches or umpires.
AEDs can be a life-saving
tool when someone suffers a
cardiac arrest—the leading
cause of death in young ath-
letes. Blunt impacts to the
chest are a leading cause of
cardiac arrest among young
people, which can occur
during baseball when hit
by a pitch in the chest. Un-
der the legislation, these
leagues would be required
to bring an AED to every
game and practice, and to
make efforts to ensure a
trained coach or umpire is
also present.
This bill would take effect on
January 1, 2017.
Does your veterinarian have
New York State Licensed Veteri-
naryTechnicians onstaff? Licensed
Veterinary Technicians, or LVT’s
as they are known are much more
than assistants to the veterinarians.
They have had to pass a New York
State licensing exam, compiled of
200 questions covering all areas
of veterinary medicine. This test
can only be taken after a rigorous
two years of intense training at an
accredited college such as Delhi,
LaGuardia, SuffolkandMercy.
The veterinary technician’s role
inananimalhospital iscomprised
of being an anesthesiologist, a ra-
diologist, a dental hygienist, and a
phlebotomist, just to name a few.
The technician is an integral part
of your pet’s care and needs while
in the hospital. As well as the pet’s
advocate, it is the LVT that spends
themost timewith your pet and is
awarewhen they are inpain, hun-
gry, or comfortable.
The Animal Hospital of The
Rockaways has two licensed
veterinary technicians on staff.
Please make sure that your veter-
inarian has a Licensed Veterinary
Technicianon staff.
Refuge –
Have you
been there?
By Pat Morgan
“I have livedhere allmy life and
didn’t know this place was here!”
is a common reaction that Rang-
er Chavone Richardson and her
colleagues often hear from new
visitors at the Jamaica Bay Wild-
life Refuge.
The Wildlife Refuge is man-
aged by the National Park Service
and is part of Gateway National
Recreation Area. It is composed
of the open water and intertidal
salt marshes of Jamaica Bay. It is
also one of the most significant
bird sanctuaries in theNortheast-
ern United States and one of the
best places in New York City to
observe migrating species. More
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