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Born Yesterday - In Town All Night!
strolling throughToys RUs looking
for the perfect birthday gift for our
girls when I happened to spy what
I thoughtwas aunique toyguaran-
teed tobringhoursof playful funto
our (then) small daughters, Amy
andVicky. Itwasbasicallya10-foot
section of plastic track, high on
one end and ground level on the
other, upon which sat a small cart
withwheels. I immediately alerted
Grace tomyfind.
“Are you out of your small male
mind? It’s a midget roller coaster!
We’ll have to watch them every
second! The girls will fall out of it
and hurt themselves! Besides, it’s
too big, where would we put it?”
Grace’s spoken words encom-
passed the three aspects of house
and family most often cited when
addressing a father’s apparent
insanity when dealing with chil-
dren...supervision, physical safety
and lack of space. Okay, I thought
to myself, maybe this was a “guy”
thing on my part so perhaps
some female advice in this mat-
ter should not be entirely unwel-
come. Thus I responded, “Alright,
you got any better ideas?”
[Note: Due diligence requires
that I caution all fathers from ever
using the abovephrase to invite al-
ternative ideas from their partners
in this type situation. To do so is
to admit defeat at the outset of the
battle. Any ideas forthcoming from
your spouse must be accepted
as sane, rational and final as they
were requested subsequent to her
determination that your sugges-
tion was utterly chauvinistic, dan-
gerous and space constrained.]
Grace pondered for a moment
and then responded, “Perhaps a
small playhouse for the girlswould
be a good idea.They couldplay in-
side and have tea parties.” Now, I
may have been born yesterday but
I sure as heck have been in town
all night and so I immediately re-
sponded, “Sounds great tome!”
That weekend as we celebrat-
ed their birthdays the girls awoke
to find a “small” playhouse in our
home’s living room. Keep in mind
that thatmy better half’s definition
of “small” was a huge 5x4-foot,
heavy plastic five-sidedplay house
with a domed roof some five-feet
above the floor, windows, a swing
out door, interior play sink, table
and chairs. Aswewatched the girls
gleefully explore their new play-
house, I could see a look of almost
serene happiness on Grace’s face
that silently said, “I told you so!”
In the back of my mind all I could
hearwas “Thiswas abigmistake!”
Shortly thereafter we found
that, instead of “tea parties,” the
girl’s were using the play sink in
their new house as a potty and
climbing out the window onto
the dome roof where they would
stand and try to dance. Their lack
of coordination, combined with
the lawof gravity, oftenmade their
individual returns to floor level
quite memorable. The two most
often spoken words in our house
back then were “GET DOWN!”
If we expected visitors, because
the playhouse took up so much
space, cleaning the living room
required us to pick up everything
on the floor and toss it inside the
play house where it was immedi-
ately grabbed by one of the girls
and thrown back out the window
as soonas our backswere turned.
Even after all these years, I re-
frain from telling my honey that
perhaps the play house wasn’t
such a great idea after all. We had
to watch the girls every second so
theydidn’t fall off the roof andhurt
themselves and it took up entire-
ly too much room. Additionally,
visitors to our home left thinking
that our idea of potty training was
somewhat strange! After all, as I
said previously, I may have been
born yesterday but I sure as heck
havebeen in townall night.
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yonewant to live anywhere else?