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Mad As Hell
Dear Editor:
Can you please publish this
in the next paper? If the per-
petrator wants to come for-
ward and apologize, I can for-
ward them a copy of the bill for
the new paint job I will need to
I work in midtown, for many
years I took the QM16, but due
to the fact it kept its own time-
table depending on how the
driver was feeling on any one
day, I eventually gave it up
and proceeded to look for an-
other way to commute. Next
up, the Shuttle or A train from
116th Street, but once again,
freezing my butt off on the way
home during the winter while
waiting for a Rockaway Park
train for 30 minutes, I even-
tually gave that line of com-
muting up also. I still had op-
tions, so I also tried the “drive
to the B in Sheepshead Bay”
route, but again parking there
is hell on wheels on a good day
but when opposite side of the
street parking is in effect, well,
forget about getting to the city
before noon. Forget about the
ferry, that was too good to be
true like almost everything in
At this point you might ask,
what’s left? Fly? Cycle? Walk?
Swim? There was still one
decent option left. I would
drive to Broad Channel, park
as close to the train as I can
get and then hop on a choice
of A trains that go through
the Broad Channel station.
Granted, the “Shuttle-To-No-
where” still comes through
and holds us all up, but what’s
30 minutes or so between a
boss and an employee when
you are being paid to be at
your desk at 9 am and get
there at 9:30 or 10 am?
Over the past few years,
while parked in Broad Chan-
nel, my vehicle has received
its fair share of dings and
scratches on the front and
back bumpers, which is to be
expected, we are in NY after
all. Not to mention the vari-
ous cones and garbage cans
one must navigate on a dai-
ly basis in Broad Channel to
even get a parking spot (I am
talking COMPLETE blocks
marked off with garbage cans
and cones, WHY DO PEOPLE
DO THIS? One spot I get, but
seriously whole blocks are not
necessary). Yup, I can sort of
deal with those, too. Howev-
er what I can NOT deal with
is getting off the damn A train
last week after being stuck on
it for 3 hours due to another
“sick passenger - traffic” alert,
only to finally get to my car to
see some jackass has scratched
the whole complete side of my
car. Not a light scratch, but a
deep scratch with an intent to
cause damage which in turn
would cause me to have to get a
new paint job on the driver and
passenger side of my car.
Yes, I am pissed as all heck.
I would also like to point out
I was not parked in front of
someone’s driveway, or too
close to their car or in a way that
would infringe on their proper-
ty. I did not move a cone or a
garbage can to get the spot nor
did I park on the corner, where
cars have been dinged and the
person has driven off … none of
these. I innocently parked my
car in a valid spot. So, whoever
got their cheap thrill damaging
my vehicle, that I work hard for,
I hope you feel good if you hap-
pen to read this.
Signed: Pissed as all Hell
(Mary Mooney)
Fine Them
Dear Editor:
Let’s see, the boardwalk in
Rockaway Park area will not be
finished on time as promised
by the City. We would think
that the City had a signed con-
tract with a completion date
on it for the boardwalk pro-
ject. Why can’t the compa-
ny be “held responsibly” to a
signed agreement and fined.
We believe this should be pos-
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