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The Rockaway Times
Mill BasinDayCamp:
Summer Paradise forKids
By KatieMcFadden
As soon as you enter Mill Basin
Day Camp, you knowyou’re in for
a treat. With four slides connect-
ing toanoutdoor pool bigger than
most backyards, dozens or color-
ful rooms where different activi-
ties take place, basketball courts
and more, it could make any
adult jealous of the kids that get to
spend their summer days there.
Located just over the Marine
Parkway Bridge and behind El
Mill Basin,Mill BasinDayCamp is
a hidden gem that is a discovered
treasure for the more than 1,600
children that attend each sum-
mer.Withaplace soclose tohome
that offers more than 50 activities,
introduces children to their un-
discovered talents, teaches them
new things and keeps them ac-
tive and entertained, it would be
a shame to let a child spend their
summer indoors, camped out in
front of a television or computer.
“As time passes, we’re asked
to do less as human beings as
things are done for us electroni-
cally or digitally. Kids need to be
active and explore, not only their
own creativity, but to try new ex-
periences and to not be afraid of
trying new experiences,” camp
owner Jack Grosbard said. “Par-
ents need to look at their kids and
decide ‘what do I want for my son
or daughter?’ Do I want them to
experience the world or do I want
them to see the world only from a
screen? Super Mario needs to be
more than a game on a personal
screen. Why can’t they be Super
Mario, running, jumping, swim-
ming and engaging with other
Mill BasinDay Camp offers kids
theopportunity tobe SuperMario
andbeyond. At thecamp, kids can
learnhowtoswim,playgames like
kickball and wiffle ball and make
arts and crafts. They can discover
newskills suchasmusic recording
and video editing at the Multime-
dia center. They can star in their
own television shows, which are
broadcasted onBCATTV channel
13. They can learn to be a circus
performer with skills like juggling,
uni-cycling, clowning or walking
on stilts. They can use their wild
wild west imagination in Tiny
Town, which is a miniature ver-
sion of an oldwestern town. Both
girls and boys can learn to bake.
They can learn to buildwith floor-
to-ceiling Legos in the Lego lab.
They can get active on a jungle
gym, ropes course, in the gymnas-
tics studio or on a 15,000 square-
foot sports center. They can enjoy
some screen time with different
movies in the 60-seat 3D theater,
play games in the video arcade
room or learn a new program in
the computer lab. Campers can
also go on day or overnight trips,
which they might not normally
get to go on, with parents having
busy work schedules. Some trips
include museums, aquariums,
water parks, baseball games, sci-
ence centers andmore.
Kids can learnhip-hop,modern
or jazz dance in one of two dance
studios, learn an instrument in a
rock band, practice their singing
with karaoke, or show off their
acting talents in the drama thea-
tre. The camp holds talent shows,
where campers can show off their
newly-discovered or developed
talents, without being judged by
fellow campers.
“There are so many things for
kids to try outside of what they’re
usually shown. We really want to
show them that it’s okay to try as
much as they like to or as little as
they want,” Grosbard said. “We
promote creativity and imagina-
tion and we feed into what the
kids like to do, but maybe they
don’t know how to do it. No mat-
terhowyoudo it, it’sfine.Thekids
are non-judgmental. It’s a nice
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