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The Rockaway Times
Rockaway Little League Roundup
While the weather gave a
mixed bag of goods, here’s
hoping Mother Nature con-
tinues to shine her good
weather on Rockaway Little
Now that we are enjoy-
ing better weather, RLL is in
full swing with our youngest
player clinic programs. For
the next few weeks, our Pee
Wee Girls, (players as young
as 3 years old) are learn-
ing the basic mechanics of
the game in a fun modu-
lated environment. In just
a few weeks, our little girls
will be showcasing their big
new skills in their upcoming
In other news, an excit-
ing nail biter of a game was
played this week by the Pee
Wee Seniors as the Rock-
ies won over the Pirates by
a score of 11-9. The Rock-
ies scored 8 runs in their
last at bat to complete the
big comeback. Big hits were
delivered by Dylan Keegan,
Matt McDonald, Danny De-
Grechie and Christian Cook.
Excellent fielding was han-
dled by Gerardo DeBenedet-
to and Owen Maloney. Sean
Byrne came in to pitch the
last inning to secure the win.
Tremendous team spirit on
display from both dugouts in
the Minor Girls division this
week as the Blue Devils shut
out the Huskies in a score
of 6-0. Maeve Grace did a
wonderful job starting up
the game with her reading of
RLL’s ”We Will” team pledge.
Noteworthy on the defensive
were pitchers Ellen Zwer-
ling and Nora Tubridy, with
strong plays by Cassie Mc-
Dade at shortstop and Carly
Intrabartolo at third base.
On the offensive, lots of de-
veloping hitting talent on
the BlueDevils including up-
and-coming second grader
Maeve Grace...what a little
firecracker!!!!!! Mary Doyle
continues to crack the ball
and it was an inspiring team
effort by all the girls!
Major Boys Rockies - Reid
Hyman and Chris McElhin-
ney combined for a 3 hit
shutout. Game highlights
include Nicholas Rodgers,
5 RBI’s, Catcher Nicholas
Donohue firing a powerful
throw out at second when
the runner was caught steal-
ing and a thrilling hit by
Michael Light who just fell
short of the ball going over
the fence for a homerun!
Great team work was on dis-
play as Brendan Daugherty
threw from centerfield to
Nicholas Donohue at home
plate to get the man out. We
also want to congratulate
Jake Kase on amazing game
with a single, and a steal
to second. Terrific hitting
and fielding from the entire
Last but certainly not least
in Minor Boys, Pirates won
on over the A’s in a score of
16 to 5. Ben Gressel scored
a triple and a double for the
A’s while Timothy Foley had
his 1st hit of the season.
We would like to thank
families for their exuberance
with our fundraiser efforts
in conjunction with the New
York Mets. Tickets were sold
out in just one day for the
June 17th Mets-Braves game.
All ticket-holders to receive
a free Mets T-Shirt, and our
little leaguers will get to go
out on the field prior to the
game. Stay tuned for more
fundraiser events.
As part of RLL’s posi-
tive coaching initiative, we
shared ways to build motiva-
tion in our players by quot-
ing professional athletes,
coaches, business leaders,
authors and philosophers.
Here are a few from our
•“I can accept failure. Every-
one fails at something. I
can’t accept not trying.” -
Michael Jordan
•“Part of being a champ is
acting like a champ. You
have to learn how to win
and not run away when
you lose.” – Nancy Kerrigan
•“I played as hard as I could.
That’s all I wanted to be
remembered for.” – Larry
•“I won’t get upset at you
about a mistake. I’ll get
upset at you for the next
mistake that comes from
still thinking about the last
mistake.” – Doc Rivers
•“You are never a loser un-
til you quit trying.” – Mike
•“Strive not to be a success,
but rather to be of value.” –
Albert Einstein
•“Baseball is 90 percent
mental. The other half is
physical.” –Yogi Berra
•“Ability may get you to the
top, but it takes character
to keep you there.” – John