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The Rockaway Times
We consider The Rockaway
Times a group effort that
includes YOU. Please help us by
letting our advertisers know you
saw their ad. Thanks!
The Rockaway Beach Golf
Club, the virtual wonder on
Beach 100th Street, is open,
open, open after waiting,
waiting, and waiting for various
permits. Checkout theirwebsite:
Try to get over to Playland
Motel on Sunday between 2-5.
Photos from our photo contest
will be on display. John Cori,
in addition to a thousand other
things he’s involved with, has
managed to put some order into
this undertaking. At some point,
some of the photos will be on
display on the boardwalk. Pretty
cool, huh? We’ve got John and
Portia Dyrenforth of Parks to
thank for that. Oh, and the top
winner wins $500!
The 38th Annual Rockaway
is Sunday. It’s back on the
boardwalk for the first since
Sandy. It starts (at 10 am) and
ends at Dalton’s Seaside Grill
at Beach 108th. The always fun
event is in honor of Barbara
Quick correction on the item
last week about Dan Guarino
getting let go by The Wave. His
column was Broad Channel
Bits (not Bits and Pieces
though we believe that was it’s
original name). And for those
of you trying to contact him
you can send him an email at
It’s a longer piece than we
usually have but we made the
exception because we so much
love the work of Terence Winter
Empire,TheWolf Of Wall Street).
Our newguy, PatMorgan, scored
an interview with him and the
two talked for quite a bit. Just
a couple of old Brooklyn guys
shooting the bull. See page 30.
Sheepshead Bites reports that
the Parks Department will begin
this week removing pilings left
over from the failed effort to put
Toilets in the Sky (the kind we
have here) in front of a condo
in Brighton Beach. The comfort
station was moved some 250
feet away after a condo started
a lawsuit because, among other
reasons, the structures would
block condo views. What about
the views from the Park Inn on
the boardwalk at Beach 116th?!
Some civic-minded folks are
fed up with dog owners who
don’t pick up after their dogs.
They are hoping to film and
shame them. But where can
they put the film or pictures?
We’re guessing these careless,
inconsiderate people don’t
read so there’s no point putting
them in the paper. ‘Tis a
bummer. On the other hand,
there is a bright side. If people
are complaining about dog crap,
things are that much closer to
normal three and a half years
after Sandy.
Bernie Sanders won big in
Breezy Point and so did Donald
Trump in last week’s primary.
Sanders edged Hillary Clinton
in the overall count of Neponsit,
Belle Harbor and Rockaway
Park. Trump won among
Republicans throughout the
peninsula. Clinton took the
Shore Front Parkway buildings
and crushed it in Far Rockaway.
A local voter’s experience:
I don’t know if this was a
coincidence but I looked up
online where I was supposed to
vote and they sent me to Seaside
Library on 116th. I usually vote
at PS 114. I was not registered to
vote there. Anyway they found
my address in the book and gave
me the ballot. It was pre-marked
Cruz. I returned it and they all
laughingly remarked on how
they were looking for that one
and I found it. I might have been
the first voter. I don’t know but
I’ve been hearing about voter
fraud. I should have taken a
We have the best readers.
Michael Woods stopped by the
RT office to deliver a handmade
wooden sign for The Rockaway
Times. We also got a card from
Breezy Point dance teacher,
Gert Hendry thanking Katie
McFadden for her article, plus a
card from Ed and Paula Antonio
congratulating Katie on her
NYPAaward.Thanks for the love!