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The Rockaway Times
The Lazer Speaks
By Lou Pastina
RAA debuted the Noisy Paint
Box exhibition on Saturday, and
it was a blast, and noisy! The idea
is to combine several sensory ex-
periences at once to enhance the
entire, holistic gestalt. And guess
what, it works. Combining some
innovative, avant-garde art works
with music in the great sTudio
7 space gave everyone walking
around a little beat to their step.
And here is the great thing…they
served beer and wine for $3! I
mean even if you didn’t like art,
and you didn’t care for music,
you could really enjoy yourself for
about $20! For some nights there
is a cover charge, for instance the
Grayriders are going to perform
on May 7th and there is a charge
to help these struggling young,
musicians and artists. Ok, at least
the artists are young! My recom-
mendation is to check out RAA’s
NoisyPaint Box. It’s runningevery
weekend through 5/22. To the cu-
rators of this exhibit, bravo!
It being Saturday night I ven-
tured down to check on my little
mermaid and merman, who were
feasting at Whit’s on the Boule-
vard. If you haven’t been toWhit’s,
you should know this; it’s an ex-
perience too. There is artwork on
the walls and there are four-foot
high speakers pumping out beats.
The space is small, but amazing-
ly people move in and out of both
the front and side rooms easily.
The food is gourmet, really it is.
I have a friend who just loves it
when Whit has fish. And the man
is a personality to say the least. He
is an entertainer and he has a staff
that complements him perfectly.
My recommendation is aweekend
night toget the full experience!
After Whit’s I followed my two
flippered progeny into Playland.
Rattrap Bumpkin was playing as
the headliner at Playland. The
warm-up band was not my taste,
but I give them high marks for
creativity and guts. I would nev-
er believe that a drummer, a bass
player, a guy in his underwear
playing a synthesizer, and two
leather-hooded guys dancing
would capture the attention of
Rockwayites. But rather than be
shouted off, they were mildly en-
couraged. Luckily, there wasn’t
an encore and Rattrap Bumpkin
came on. If you have never seen
these guys play, there are a few
things you need to know about
Rattrap Bumpkin. First, they
write all their own music, a cover
song is a rarity. But the place was
packed and everyone knew the
words; I was impressed. Second,
they came out of the RAA scene
and have been playing together
for a long time and are very in-
sync with each other. Third, the
band’sname, isprettyoriginal too.
Fourth, theywail!Theywill playall
summer long, check themout.
It got tobea little late formeandI
midnight, because you know what
happens then. And because I had
shavedmy beard, didn’t have a tat-
too, stopped drinking, and realized
that everyone else was thirty years
younger thanme, it was time to go.
But I will say this about the scene, it
washappening! Imet somanypeo-
es. It seemed that everyone I met
was inbusiness for themselves. En-
andthat’sagreat thing.
The next day it was a little hard
getting up; apparently I hadn’t
stopped drinking as early as I
thought. But it was time to prac-
tice with the Grayriders, even
though the big kahuna, Joe Kenel
was off in the Keys getting some
sun. AB Studios here in Rockaway
is another entrepreneur story. The
“Shed” as the band likes to call it,
is coming together as a studio, and
has a fun feel to it. As we were leav-
ing Sunday afternoon, a few guys
were hanging outside getting ready
to go and run their radio station! I
said radio station!?! Yes Rockaway
– “hey man send us some tunes
we’ll play them”!!Gotta love it!
Man, that was oneNoisy Rocka-
wayweekend! I think summer has