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So the last fewcolumnshaveelic-
ited some interesting responses.
I have received some supportive
comments like, “wow, great articles
on birds, trees and bugs.” Ok, well
that was really me, ghost-respond-
ing on Facebook to the articles.
Some have suggested that these ar-
ticles have been “ghost written” by
themermaid, reflecting onnatures’
friends to themermaidpopulation.
Somehaveevengoneas farasmov-
ingthearticles tothebackof thepa-
ed, bespectacled caricature again (I
have no ideawhowould have such
But all of that conjecture is false.
You see I am at heart a natural-
ist who enjoys the natural beauty
around us all. Having found yoga
late in life, I now have respect for
all living beings, and this series of
nature articles was my way of shar-
ing that love of nature. At the risk
of being my generation’s Dorothy
Dunne, letmesharewithyouatripI
recently took totheCanadianRock-
ies by way of Tauck Tours. And for
thosewhowonder, I do not get any
remunerationfromthosenamed in
my articles, but am always open to
Anyway, awaywego!
The Canadian Rockies are ab-
solutely beautiful and majestic.
Our tour included a seaplane ride,
an overnight train trip, an Ice Ex-
plorer ride on aGlacier, and a river
rafting trip! The Canadian Rockies
are filled with aquamarine lakes,
rushing rivers and mountains that
rise up until they are encrusted
with snowy caps. And animals, oh
yes animals, elk, bears, wolves, you
name it they got ’em. Trees? Pines,
firs, tamaracks, larches, quaking
aspens, all so different than the
northeast, thousands of them. And
birds, oh yes birds, eagles, bald,
golden and every variation in-be-
tween. Unbelievable. People? No,
very few of them. But those that
were there were extremely nice. In
fact we have almost 10 times more
people in the US than Canada. I
don’t knowwhywehaven’t just an-
What does all thishave todowith
contrasts you say? Glad you asked.
Youseelivingat thebeach,wedon’t
see any of those things above on a
regular basis, but seeing the Pacific
Northwest makes me appreciate
what we have here so much more,
because it is different. We live in a
potential togetbettereveryyear.We
musicians and yogis. We even have
two newspapers! You see we need
contrasts in life. What would sum-
day be without night? What would
the beach be without mountains?
Whatwould thecountrybewithout
So years from now when some
say, “You know I really appreciated
that seriesofnaturearticles theLaz-
erwroteall thoseyearsago,because
they were different from his regu-
lar essays,” it will be remembered
because of contrast. Sometimes
we need to sit back and appreciate
the beauty around us regardless,
whether it’s thebeachor themoun-
tains; or family, those here and
those departed. The sunlight and
theshadowsandthecontrast in-be-
tweenmake for a beautiful picture,